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Well...it is almost 6PM thank god...I think I am going to leave at 6, I wasn't planning to until 6:15...but I can't take this anymore! I am sooo bored...besides I really don't want to be late to Aerobics, I hate walking into class late. I wonder what I should eat for dinner? Maybe a sub? Hmm...

I wonder how Sarah is doing? I miss hanging out with her...I wonder if I can convince her to invite me to the HS reunion? lol...it would be interesting to see how all those...people are doing.

I am kind of in a blah mood...but not doing too bad. My legs are SO SORE... :( Dumb leg express class...thinking arms, back, and tummy today? Hmm...

I wonder how Kalen is...lol...I am almost patient about waiting for him to call. I don't carry our phone around anymore, I just check to see if he called me at all today, not that I call him back...but I figure, ya know, he should work for it after all the hell I've gone through :)

I am really tired today...I should probably go to bed earlier...no more late night chatting for me...

Kalen is super hot...we look so cute together! (There is a picture of him and I on my desk)

I wonder how Jamez is doing...bet he's busy right now. Wonder if he gets really tired sometimes...I would be doing all the things he does.

I like this song...(Impossible - Joe Nichols), it makes me feel hopeful...

Let's see...AbXpress, CardioXpress, LegXpress, and Body Pump tomorrow... :p
Wednesdays are gonna be busy for me...oh crappy...Maybe I won't do the Body pump...I want to go to McCabe's for "Ladies Night" Body Pump will have to wait until Friday. :)

Cripy...why can't they offer more Pilates Yoga?? All the times they do I am at work...I really dislike waking up early on Saturdays

Oh yah...I got to go to Portland this Thursday, I totally forgot, I really don't want to go. :( It is going to be SO boring...i better remember to tell David (him and I go walking around GreenLake every Thursday)

I am so glad this trip to Portland is only for 3 days...I wish we could come back earlier on Saturday though. I will be back in time to go dancing I think, if I am up to it. I better take my weights with me or something...

I wonder when I am going to get added to those two classes for Fall quarter. :( I am thinking about taking 4 classes...that's an awful lot...(sigh) Well, at least my Winter/Spring Quarter will be short.

Hey Eric, wish you were still going to school so you could be in my group, is there anyway we can choose who we DON'T want to be in our group? There are some people I REALLY don't want to be with...I miss Ajay too. I think you, Ajay, Roy, and I should ALL be in a group together! That would be fun! We could go get food all the time! hehe...

I have a meeting tomorrow with the HR director for IT Analysts...I am really excited, hopefully this will be "in" to working here when I graduate, that would be great if I could. I wonder if this job would be transferable, I might have something else where for me...

Finally...time to go...sorry for the rambling y'all... ;)

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