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*swoon* drchase is such a sweetheart...

HE IS SO DAMN SWEET!!! :D I am soooo excited! I got my Christmas present!!! Sort of...lol...oh...here is what I got him though:

except it's the stainless steel color...and I got him a card of course, a stuffed penguin (puffin? we weren't sure if it was a puffin or a penguin), a stuffed mouse (which is so damn cute), and I have one more thing for him, but I haven't finished it yet :/ I know...I know...

He is SO cute...hehe...he didn't have the present yet, he was waiting for it to come and so he took the time to re-create what my present was in a picture! hehe...he took a picture of the Rasputina tickets I gave him and change the title to:
The Blue Man Group WHEEEE he remembered that I wanted to go see it!!! *bounce bounce bounce* HE IS SO CUTE...and the way he showed me tooooooo...he handed me the DVD "Blazing Saddles". I looked at it and said, "You got me Blazing Saddles for my Christmas present?" and he was like, "No, that's the wrapping open it" So I open the DVD case and there was my Christmas card (which is going in my scrap book)! lol...he had put a slip of paper into my Christmas card with the address of the place where I could look at it. I typed in the address and he covered my eyes and told me to hit enter. So I hit enter asked him if I could look, he said yes, so I look, saw it, my eyes widened and I jumped up and hugged him! I was SO surprised!!! *BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE* I have the BEST boyfriend in the whole world!!!

Ok...too much excitement...time for me to go to bed...hehe...oh...and he will be hosting my pictures I took in Seattle, so I will post those on-line when he gives me the addresses.


Dec. 31st, 2003 08:18 am (UTC)
hahaha...it's a lighter! He doesn't smoke cigarettes...but he smokes cigars once in awhile... :)

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