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Past few weeks...

I have been kind of busy, kind of lazy, and well...rather uninspired to write. Yes, I know, very not me. I suppose I shouldn't say uninspired, I have, I believe 5-6 topics that I would really like to talk about. I've just been...unmotivated to actually write I guess. :) I've been really busy with cleaning, working-out, and just relaxing. The only person I talk to on a regular basis for the past week or so has been drchase hehe...for obvious reasons.

Year of 2003...haha...man what a year. I always begin the year thinking, "This is going to be a great year". ;) That hasn't changed. I think this year will be a great year! I have lots going for me (as usual ;)), looking to buy my first condo (yea me!!!), my new rotation will be starting soon, I will be getting a new laptop from work (which I will promptly sign up for VPN access), and I have a wonderful boyfriend ;) (as a side note, though he is last on my list of things "going for me" he is not the least important, this is more of a save the best for last thing). 5 months...wow...haha...5 months January 16...*bounce bounce bounce* How exciting...

Anyhow...I have decided on my general vicinity to live, it is very exciting because I figure this location would provide a high number of renters when I am ready to buy another place :) Good stuff...*cough, cough* back to the subject. 2003 was...an interesting year. I can't think of any really big or exciting things that happened minus me getting a job, moving 3000 miles away from home, and graduating. I would have to say those were my biggest accomplishments. Aside from that, I've had 2 boyfriends, well, I had 1 boyfriend, and I am with another now.

New Year's was fun...and interesting. I was happy I got to spend it with drchase. As I thought of that later my mind wandered to what everyone else I care about was doing the minute the ball dropped...It's amazing isn't it? Sometimes when you stop to think about everyone you know, or everyone you've met, you take the time to wonder if they are happy. It creates an odd feeling...not quite euphoric...more...nostalgic I suppose.

Some people do not see New Year's as a big deal, I get a thrill from it. It gives me a sense of new beginning and in many ways it presents itself as just that. As I said above, there are many new and exciting things that will be happening to me this year :) Well...exciting to me anyway...lol...

Ooh...I also had a job interview today :) I hope that went well. I am hoping to work in Southie...it will be tons of fun! :D I ended up spending about an hour there after my interview just chatting with various people, Nazia, Sadiq, Geoff, and Ronnie hehe...so I didn't walk into work really until 13:00. It was funny because I guess everyone thought that I had already left so they were asking my boss about me :) Apparently (according to my boss) everyone really likes me on this floor, and hey, what's not to like? One of the people commented to me and said, "Does this mean we will no longer see your smiling face every morning?" lol...sorry everyone :) I will miss this floor. It helps when the Senior Execs like you too hehe...I am really glad now that this was my first rotation. I remember when I first started I was so nervous and I was totally not ready to work in such a high profile job! Now? Well...I hope they will increase the budget and have an opening for me when I am done with the rotations. :) For my next two rotations I am hoping to work on the Server Consolidation project and Process Quality :) That would be very nice if I could get both of those before my next 1.5 years is up. Oh yes...and I also have to study for the GMAT...I want to take it very soon so I can begin applying for schools so I can start in January 2005. I decided to not start school September 2004 because of the stresses of moving. I think if I try to do everything I will bog myself down and not have any time at all to spend with my boyfriend and friends. Eeek...speaking of which...I need to call Carlos...ugh...


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Jan. 5th, 2004 03:39 pm (UTC)
Hey now, I've talked to you . not on a regular basis though hehe. :-) It's ok.

Good luck with all that stuff you mentioned. :-)

Definitely good to know people and be liked. :-)
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