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Can I be bought???

My boss has offered to buy me two tickets to "Phantom of the Opera" in New York City, including a room at the Four Seasons...LOL...I would be taking drchase with me of course :) I just find it so funny...why does she want to do this? In exchange for my play-off tickets of course...LOL...Oh man...

To be honest...I don't know what to do...on one hand the play-off tickets are pretty special and almost a once in a lifetime thing for the Gillette Stadium because games are sold out for the Patriots for the next 7 years...

On the other hand...this will give David and I an opportunity to have a really romantic time in New York on someone else's bill...UGH...decisions...choices...dammit...


Jan. 7th, 2004 07:18 pm (UTC)
+ $.02
If your boss is that desperate for play-off tickets, make the trade. Neither you, nor drchase are huge sports fans, so The Phantom of the Opera would be more enjoyable. Besides, do you want to fight traffic to spend an afternoon in a breezy stadium for an event in which you're not completely interested (and drag your boyfriend along for the ride). Wouldn't you rather spend the afternoon in New York, taking in the sights, then get dressed up, and spend the evening in a warm theater with the man you love?

Of course, play-off tickets are a valuable commodity. If you have one person offering to pay for this much for two tickets (not even on the 50-yard line), consider how much the price might jump if there's a little competition. While you can't sell the tickets, you might be able to trade for something valuable. Play your cards right and you could get dinner, the show, and the hotel room for those two slips of paper.

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