♥Natalie♥ (natalie516) wrote,

Care packages and me...

I made drchase a little care package :) It was cute, I bought him a card that had this person hugging everything from the tv, the microwave, a tree, et cetera, to finally just slouching on the couch with a little *sigh* bubble above the head. When you open the card it says something like, "Nothing comes close to you" hehe...I also bought him "Ferris Bueller's Day off" *recalls...Bueller...Bueller...Ferris Bueller* haha...and "The Usual Suspects" (thanks ronalum :) He loved it :) I wish he would hurry up and quit being sick (yes, because he's making himself...lol) so I can seeeee him... *pout* I miss him a ton...*sigh*
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