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I don't get it...

Why on earth...would a girl substitute a fake diamond for a real one? *confused* I was watching QVC and it was their diamonique thing (I was bored and there was nothing else on and I mean nothing) and women were calling in saying they were going to use that fake stuff to replace their diamonds bands...I found that to be rather insulting to their husbands. I mean yes, the rings, necklaces, earrings, look very pretty...but...to wear them and know they are fake... Hmm...I am not a big fan of fake jewelry.


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Jan. 19th, 2004 03:59 am (UTC)
1) Don't believe everything you see on QVC or any home shopping channels in fact. They're just out to sell you stuff.

2) 200 or whatever channels, and you don't have anything interesting to watch? Ah Americans... I'll keep our 5 channels thank you very much ;) (Admittingly I've got digital broadcast TV, despite it having 30 or so channels, only the extra 3 are remotely good)

Although I have to admit when my parents had Sky Digital (400 or so channels), the only thing remotely interesting was QVC ;) That was before they carried all 5 broadcast channels though, they do that now, so satellite TV has improved by 100% ;)
Jan. 19th, 2004 06:39 am (UTC)
All the good shows were replaced by stupid football...I hate sports play-offs...
Jan. 19th, 2004 02:25 pm (UTC)
All the good shows were replaced by stupid football...I hate sports play-offs...

Ok, now I'll admit, I was slightly disapointed that I couldn't watch The Simpsons last night, but football, especially the playoffs are NOT stupid. I mean, our hometown team is going to the Super Bowl. It doesn't get much bigger than that, unless through some miracle the Red Sox ever win the World Series again.

In conclusion, while sometimes an inconvenience, sports play-offs are not stupid.
Jan. 19th, 2004 05:47 pm (UTC)
That's entirely your opinion. I think that sports, especially Baseball and American Football, are two of the twenty five worst and most stupid things to grace this Earth. If I had it my way, I would cancel all sports, ever, because they're silly TV shows....................and they're 100% scripted.
Jan. 19th, 2004 08:07 am (UTC)
I guess I have never cared if mine is real or fake...to me it's not the face that it's a real diamond, it's the meaning behind what it means...it's like getting a large diamond vs a small one...I'm ok with it being fake...no one has to know if you don't want them to...but then thats just me! :)
Jan. 19th, 2004 05:45 pm (UTC)
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are making me look bad!!! ;)
Jan. 19th, 2004 07:14 pm (UTC)
*lol* Silly girl...Thats ok...you're still the coolest even if ya want it to be real! :) Speaking of..me and Jason (my boyfriend) went to look at my ring again today! It's so strange...sometime in these next few months! EEEKKKK :) *lol*
Jan. 19th, 2004 09:07 pm (UTC)

Isn't love grand?
Jan. 19th, 2004 09:54 am (UTC)
This us meant to be funny
No insult to Gopherbabe intended; just my weird sense of humor which prompts me to say: Do women who accept fake diamonds accept fake men as well?
Jan. 19th, 2004 09:06 pm (UTC)
Re: This us meant to be funny
hahahaa...more like cheap men... ;)
Jan. 19th, 2004 09:07 pm (UTC)
Re: This us meant to be funny
Don't I deserbve the real thing? Of course I do *nod*
Jan. 19th, 2004 09:09 pm (UTC)
Re: This us meant to be funny
deserve* duh...
Jan. 20th, 2004 07:31 am (UTC)
Yuppers. Just like Coca-Cola drinkers!
Jan. 19th, 2004 12:57 pm (UTC)
This is meant to be funny
-----Correcting my subject line.....
Jan. 20th, 2004 09:37 pm (UTC)
Depends where you live. If you live in Rio De Janerio, you would NEVER wear your fine jewelry in public unless you are in large groups. In that society, costume is the way to go, because you would get robbed left and right.

Plus, if you measure a man by his monetary wealth, then you need to learn how to measure. This isn't intended against anyone here, I am just blabbin' on. I would rather have my woman make me something I can wear then something anyone can buy.
Jan. 21st, 2004 04:25 pm (UTC)
Re: well...
I am talking engagement ring here...and as for measuring a man by monetary wealth...it all comes to how you want to live. There are just certain things that one grows accustomed to while growing up. This does not mean that I will not be friends with people who have less money then me, it just means I choose to not marry someone who has substantially less money then me.

The things I like to do require quite a bit of money, such as travelling, doing various events, such as skiing, skating, snow-shoeing, et cetera...it's hard to do if you don't have much money. It also depends on what you say is a lot of money. I am hoping to pull in 6 figures myself, I would like the guy I am with to pull in the same or close to...
Jan. 21st, 2004 07:48 pm (UTC)
thats fine.
To each thier own.

I dont limit my lover by 1) looks and 2) physical wealth.

That is just me. I don't care if my lover has no job or is a millionare. Just isn't my style :)

Well, about engagement ring, I was also talking about that. When I was in the army, a couple got married and they both made rings for the other out of various materials. I have never seen a diamond studded oak ring before, but I would take that over anything store bought anyday. Especially since it took her houndreds of hours to learn how to make a ring like that, and then to craft it at her own home.

Jan. 21st, 2004 07:53 pm (UTC)
Re: thats fine.
To each thier own

Exactly ;) Like I said, it is all about expected life style
Jan. 21st, 2004 07:54 pm (UTC)
Re: thats fine.
Oh...and though they made the rings out of various materials and though they may still have them...I am sure when they could afford to they replaced it with real metal bands
Jan. 22nd, 2004 07:08 am (UTC)
They are both Wiccan, and for them, only hand made objects hold any worth as a gift. Not that all Wiccan are like this, but only them, as far as I know.

Not everyone is materialistic.
Jan. 22nd, 2004 09:36 am (UTC)
Re: Nope...
I wasn't suggesting that everyone is materialistic, it is merely not logical to wear something all the time made of "various" materials that may not hold that's all I was saying. They could buy $10 sterling silver rings to replace it, who knows? Who cares?

As for being a materialistic person... I knew that, I am very materialistic, that's how I am. My mom told me I could never be poor, she's right. It is hard to be someone what one never was.
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