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Finally, eh? Annyyyywwwhoooooo...my sweetheart is still sick :( However, I think we are still going to Blue Man Group tomorrow...lol...

Good news on the home front (literally) I found this article and apparently it looks like my beautiful neighborhood where I bought the condo is the #1 place to live because in the past 10 years the real estate has increased 432% OH YEAH! :) On a happy note here's what has happened...

When I saw the place last Saturday I loved it...the moment I walked in! The kitchen and bathroom were renovated so it was clean, new, and just plain nice. When the owner renovated the kitchen he added more fixtures for storage which is even better! There is a nice big pantry, et cetera, et cetera. You walk into the living room, which is freshly painted, and sadly I will have to repaint because the room is blue. That wouldn't be such a big deal but my couch is a dark grey and that just wouldn't go well together. So I am thinking just the basic white, or possibly an ivory or off-white color. I was thinking cute trim for the kitchen as the kitchen is white. :) Just a little something to off-set. You walk farther back into the room and there is the bathroom which is also nice :) I think I might make or buy some curtains for the bathroom...definitely going for a redecoration from my current bathroom! I want prettier and more girly things. Then when you leave the bathroom, walk through the living room and into the bedroom it is white, but I am going to paint it a pink I think... :) Do something unique with the painting to give the room more depth. I love this room because it has an awesome closet that has a mirror on it (thinks sexually...lol...) and he also put fixtures in there to create more space where I can put my shoes, hang my clothes, et cetera. The bedroom will be big enough for all my new bedroom furniture, which I will buy when I get back from Seattle in June, and my computer desk. It is all hardwood floors, but I am going to buy a throw rug to make it feel more homey...a big one for the living room and a smaller one for the bedroom. I think I will put the TV in my bedroom into my living room until I buy my bigger TV, then I will move my little 29 inch back to my room. That room is definitely perfect for my sofa, coffee table, and bookcases :)

I am so excited! Everything has been going by SO fast! When I put an offer for the place this week I actually offered $3,000 more for the asking price (Asking price was $153K, I offered $156K) for a couple of reasons. One, I wanted to wait until end of May (and that is a long time to have a place off the market). Two, I wanted them to give me back the $3,000 at closing so I could pay for my closing cost :) I did 100% finance and I will be meeting with my mortgage broker this Wednesday. I've talked to her already and it looks like I will be going for a 3yr fixed with 4.75%. Which is excellent because it puts me at around $800-830 a month for P&I. My condo fee is $183, parking $125, so overall I am looking to save about $200. Not only that, but I discovered that on average condos gain about $20K-25K in equity in my area a year. :) I live there for 3 years, sell the place, with hopefully somewhere of $60-75K worth of equity! I decided if this all goes through as planned I will use $50K (if 60K, it will increase appropriately depending on equity gained) to put on a new place and and use the 1/3 of it to pay off my SU Loan, and the rest to pay off my private loan and maybe toss in another $1,000 towards my Federal School Loan. Woohooo It's all about getting out of debt baby!

Anyhow, moving on, he counter offered for the closing date to be the end of March and I would pay him $154K (a -2K deduction) and he will still give me the $3K...LOL...so...I called my Apartment and asked them if I could break my lease. I told them I am buying a place, et cetera, and they said that they will help me find a way to re-rent my place. They are pretty confident that they will be able to rent my place fairly quickly. My leaving date will be April 15 (Tax day...how ironic). So I figure I will move my stuff into my condo between April 1-15. I will not be paying my first bill until May 1, therefore I will have saved up 2 paychecks *does a little dance*. Not only that, but I will also have my security back which is somewhere around $1450...about $1295 of that will go to pay a broker for re-renting my place, I don't have time to look for someone, but it's still a pretty good deal all in all.

I've called a lawyer, who has already put together the paperwork, I will be having a home inspector come look at the place at 9AM on Monday, and on Wednesday I will be meeting with my mortgage broker! Hmm...what else? Whew...what a rush...then I just sit here until February 4, where I will put more money into the escrow account, then February 18th I will receive my letter from the bank, then March 31st, sign and sealed! :)

Now, where does my co-mingling of funds come in? I took out some money from savings to pay my "down payment" it's like $3,500 *shrug* But...I am getting it BACK! LOL...I know what you are thinking..."You only get $3000 back..." true...my mom is sending me $1,000 for my birthday :) Why is she sending it so early? Who knows...*shrug* My dad will also be sending me money for my birthday... :) Good stuff! So I will be totally on top of the money thing! I will be saving about $200 a month, building equity...it is enough to make my head spin. For the first time I used an Excel spreadsheet to make sure I wasn't going nuts and was wrong about the money thing! Not only that...but I will also be using my condo as a tax deduction! WHEEEEE...I think I can get about $6K back next year after all my deductions! YEAAAAA

I had a vision...I will paint my bathroom a stony gray, almost slate color, my kitchen will have a trim (I will have to decide what kind when I see the tiles and stuff), my living room maybe kind of an off-white..., my bedroom I am going to paint one wall this color and the wall perpendicular to that this color...Mmmm... :) give the room more depth! :) YES! This is a good idea...Wheeeeeeeee ok...back to work. :)


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Jan. 23rd, 2004 07:09 pm (UTC)
doh, i didn't read the whole article. nm. :)
Jan. 24th, 2004 05:37 am (UTC)
lol... :) Brighton! :D
Jan. 24th, 2004 09:07 am (UTC)
I showed your post to a Harvard Business School PhD friend of mine, who promptly fed your figures into his computer which emitted a large puff of smoke. The last I saw of him he was running toward the Aurora bridge babbling to himself!
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