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Soooooooo last Friday I had lunch with my old boss' boss :) She was supposed to come to but she was running late at a meeting. We went to Kashimir and ate at the buffet which was really yummy...mmmm

My few weeks here have been rather slack...I've really only done one thing, however, I've been afforded opportunities to leave early so that makes me happy. At the same time I am really eager to learn and do something! I will have a conference call meeting in about 10 minutes or so, then I will go sit with JW to do some database stuff :) Other than that...things are going well...

I am soooooo happy because I got to spend Saturday with my sweetheart! We watched Sneakers which was fun as I've never seen that movie. He won't kiss me :( Something about mono...geeeeeez he said, "Not until I get my next blood test" *pout* It sucks...it is very hard to not kiss him, it is something that is very natural for me to do when I am around him. *big sigh* Oh well...it wouldn't do if I got sick now would it? It was still fun :D I didn't leave his house until 4AM hehe...you know...he is such a sweetheart and sometimes I forget how much fun I have with him :) Not to mention he was being soooo cute!

Eep...conference call in 3!
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