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Great day at work

Wednesday was a really good day at work...

It was actually fairly productive for me. I feel as though I got a lot done and that I am on track with the project I am working on. I had this huge list of stuff I needed to get done, thought it would take me all day but it only took me 3 hours. :) I think I could get this project done close to the end of this month. I am so glad, I was worried it would take me longer.

I also had a meeting yesterday with that lady in HR about entry-level associate business analyst positions. It appears they did not hire at all last year, however they are looking to hire for some this coming summer! She told me that once the jobs are posted at the site to look it up and e-mail her my information, i.e. resume, cover letter directly. :) I am very excited. I don't really like working here that much, but a job is a job and I can't be too picky for my first one right? Apparently, the salary range for an Associate BA program (and it is a program, which also makes me happy there will be some extensive training) is $43,000-$46,000. :) That also makes me happy. I will also be applying for a position at Weyerhauser for January-June of 2003 for an intern position. They asked me if I would be interested, I said yes of course. :) So things are looking up in the job area. The place that I would really like to work for however, that offers an awesome program is not hiring. Now, that I think about it. It wouldn't hurt to apply for a Systems Analyst position for GE. :) Hmm...I just really dislike the East Coast and that is where most of their positions are located.

Not sure if this is a good thing...but three guys were hitting on me today. (shake head) I don't understand. It is flattering and all...but...I don't know. What possesses guys to just come up to a woman and start hitting on her? One guy told me that I had beautiful eyes (I've heard this one before) this was at the gym I go to. He then asked what I was doing later that night... Another guy, I was just waiting at a cross walk and he is staring at me. I was just trying to ignore him because he was scaring me. Then he goes, "You're really pretty" (inward groan), I just ignored him hoping he would go away. As you can see I don't take compliments from strangers well. I think I just get suspicious of them. Then he tapped my arm and I looked at him. He repeated his statement. I said "Thank You". Then he FOLLOWED ME. (another inward groan) He asked me all kinds of questions, "Where ya from?", "What do you do?", "Do you like doing it?", then I casually brought in the topic of "Yes, my fiance likes it too." or something to that effect. Then he goes, "You're getting married?" and I said, "yes, next September." and he said, "Congratulations", I said smiling, "Thank you" and then he said, "you have a really beautiful smile" (roll eyes), I said "thank you" again, then he goes, "well see ya, then he turned into City Centre...funny thing...I was wearing my glasses too. :p I don't think I look all that great in them, Kalen prefers me in them, he says they make me look sexy? lol

Flattering, yet scary. I don't know if it is me, or if men are getting bolder, this seems to be occurring more frequently. I am really not sure how to react when people I don't know pay me compliments. Particularly when they start following me. (shake head) The "beautiful eyes" comment isn't that big of a deal. A couple of guys told me that last night, the guy at the gym and the guy at a gas station. lol...the guy at the gas station was guy number 3...

Him: You have really beautiful eyes
Me: Thank you, $17 on 1
Him: (taking my money) Has anyone ever told you that?
Me: (thinking "God, he isn't going to get off it") Yes
Him: Well, then I take it back (start laughing)
Me: (smile, but I really want to roll my eyes) Okay
Him: Haha...I'm just kidding, you still have beautiful eyes
Me: (smile) Thanks (walking out the door)

<--- pump gas...need to get change, go back inside

Me: Change on 1
Him: So do you have any plans tonight?
Me: Yes, I am going out to a bar with some friends (then I walk out)

whew...I am just not used to guys hitting on me so forcefully...

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