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Well...not too much happened.

theamandapanda and scoot came over...I showed them my beautiful colors for my new place and we rented a couple of movies and went to "Wing It" :) It was fun, though brief.

Afterwards I went to drchase and spent most of my time with him (21:00-04:30) *sigh* I was there pretty late...it was fun. We cuddled and watched "My Boss's Daughter" and "Sweet Home Alabama" :D We also talked a lot about some money making schemes...lol...I have total faith in him that it will work :)

drchase, jekyllisland and I went to one of my favorite Korean places :) It was very yummy. We also ran quite a few errands. We went to the Galleria, I went to Sunglass Hut and bought a nice pair of sunglasses and a sunglass case that amazingly matches my purse. We also went to Iris (a computer store), Borders (where David bought me this really yummy Honey Vanilla Chai), and Best Buy. After dropping Rob off I stayed awhile longer at David's. I got to watch my TV show, he watched his, I played a little Xenosaga (he helped me with that...hehe) and I left at a fairly decent time for once since I have to go to work and all :)

I love being with David...it is funny that I'm not bored of him and it's been almost 6 months...*shrug* odd how things work out *in deep thought*.

Other than that a fairly uneventful weekend...OMG Valentine's day is this weekend :D I have to write in my sweetheart's card...*thinks something romantic*

It looks like David and I are going to fly out to Seattle June 2-6 for my brother's wedding...that'll be fun :) Yeaaaaaaaaa wedding...yeaaaaa

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