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The perks and pains of being an adult...

So I went over my "To Do List" for my whole life...lol...ok not my whole life, just my personal growth. Here's what I got:

Professional Personal
SAP Cooking classes(I want my food to be pretty)
Databases Massage
Linux/Unix Various Languages
Repository/All about Productivity Ballroom dancing
Various Programming languages Ski
Various Scripting languages Snowboard
Various Web languages Ice Skate
NetworkingKayak/White Water Rafting
Project ManagementSome form of Martial Arts

Wheeeeeee isn't that great? Hmm...anyhow...in a closer note...I will be applying at Northeastern and Boston College...I am not sure which program I am going to do yet but I am leaning towards specializing in Finance or doing a double degree, in MBA and an MSF :) I will also be taking the GMAT on either April 24 or May 8...not sure which one. It will be exciting though. So much going on...I have a great deal to study for...

My whole professional side will be drchase's doing. I will also be acquiring the assistance of futurejudge and drchase to study for the GMAT as well as the essay writing. futurejudge because he teaches the Kaplan or taught it and drchase because he's smart :D and he's a good teacher. I figure drchase will be able to help me by explaining concepts I may not fully understand, he's a wonderful teacher. hehe...anyhow...I should leave work now...*big sigh*

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