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Me me me me me me me me me

And...me...I just had a long talk with someone at my work about my personal life, i.e. my boyfriend. For whatever reason April has been a pretty crazy month. It all started with me and my boyfriend breaking up, then getting back together after a week. Then of course my whole job interview fiasco, followed by my test, followed by my friend, "Jane" (who is now speaking to me again), then followed again by a fight between me and my boyfriend (I am not sure how that is going, I have spoken to him once today, which is unusual as I usually speak to him every 2 hours or so), then followed by a re-confirmation of me doing right on not rushing the "marriage". This probably sounds really confusing, but I was engaged, and I kind of still am. The only difference is, we no longer have a wedding date, it was September 20, 2003, now who knows?

What a month...*sigh* I wonder what I should do? There are so many things going through my head, which is why I decided to create this on-line journal so I can organize them and hopefully get some input from outsiders. I know it is not yet my 21st birthday (which is May 16) and I felt for awhile that I knew what I wanted and I knew, in terms of relationship, where I was going. I wanted to be with him forever. Now I have taken a step back and am beginning to analyze and am wondering if this is what I want. As I said previously, I just want a man who is able to really appreciate me for my inquisitive mind...er be right back

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