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Oh man...I just woke up like 20 minutes ago...I feel like crap...like I drank too much or something.

I had absolutely no alcohol last night but I feel like I drank and drank...haha...it was worth it though...I had so much fun last night. I have to admit that last night was the best and most romantic Valentine's day I've ever had...David is so sweet...he put in so much effort to make the night romantic I love him :)

*clear throat* We ended up going to see "50 First Dates" it was cute...hehe...I loved the ending! Of course watching the previews I kept leaning over to him and whispering, "Can we see that?" lol...what else? Ah yes, when we got back we were going to watch a scary movie, we ended up cuddling for awhile and chatting, then we played Scrabble. It was my first time, honest! I think I did pretty well! My score was like 180-something and David's was 250-something? I let him win since he did so much for me :D haha...seriously, he got lucky on two words *nods* Ahh well, next time he'll get creamed. I should teach him how to play dominoes

Hmm...I should try doing something or getting ready haha...maybe I'll play FFX-2 for a bit then get ready.

Dinner with futurejudge at 6! :D

[Here's the picture of the necklace! I love it!!! This is exactly what I've wanted, I've wanted a necklace like this for awhile!]


Feb. 15th, 2004 05:29 pm (UTC)
I bought a necklace just like that but with a diamond at the bottom for my ex...

Chris xx

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