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Definition of Unconditional Love

I was just looking at a picture of me and Kalen on my desk...and I started to think. Is there really such a thing as "unconditional" love?

Definition of Unconditional Love...being able to love that person for ALL his/her faults and ALL his/her action, being able to forgive that person no matter what...

Is that humanly possible? I think the first part is...loving the person for his/her faults and actions, but honestly, how easy is forgiveness? You know what they say, if you TRULY forgive someone than you must forget the situation every occurred. To truly forgive someone, one must be able to let go of the past hurt and pain. As humans, letting go of something that has scarred our heart in anyway is incredibly difficult, particularly letting go of any hostility or resentment that may have festered during this time of pain.

Though it is difficult...I believe some steps to it may be to develop an openness that people can and do change and developing a stronger trust in others. Also, being open, honest, and having assertive communication with others concerning your past pains/hurts, and offensive experiences. Having the ability to let go and no longer point blame is also an important factor of forgiving someone.

Typically, when someone has wronged us the first thing to leave and be tarnished is the absolute trust we had in that person. People tend to go into situations more timidly and not with their complete heart...in my thought, I figure, "Why enter a situation where you aren't going to put in 150%?" Everything I try to do, either for myself or for others I put 150% into it, or I don't do it. To me, if I am not going to give it my all, there is no point to do things half-assed.

Well...as they say..."To err is human, to forgive is divine".


Jul. 15th, 2002 05:33 pm (UTC)
I have recently realized that it is possible to love unconditionally. Even through the heartache, dissapointment, jelously, envy, and greed that stood in my way, my heart and it's feelings stood taller, I baffled myself with the way i handled this situation. I believe we as humans can love uncondtionally, personally coming to the realization that it's possible makes me think there should only be unconditional love. I feel that my love for my real friends and my family is unconditional. Yes i can backlash against them and such, but where they stand in my heart is a hieght that will never be reached, and they will never have to sit and wait! I think this is a good subject and would like to keep going with it.....someone continue please.......
Jul. 16th, 2002 04:04 pm (UTC)
hehe...you are the only one who found it interesting...and that is an excellent assessment...I too believe there should only be unconditional love