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Short day today...

Today has been fairly uneventful...I have gotten some things done in terms of "actual" work. :) Blegh...I just realized that I really have to clean out my InBox at work...hmmm...I am really tired today too...didn't go to bed until late...I keep telling myself I won't do that...

This will be my last entry for a little while as I will be out of town until Saturday night...yea...I really don't want to go. Here it is...business trip or come to work? Business trip...or come to work? Lol...either one of them I would rather not do. :p Oh well...at least I don't have to come to work ;)

I am really excited because I found a 24 Hour Fitness near the hotel so I will be able to take a "Body Pump" class there tomorrow yea...at least I will not fall back on my work-out schedule, I could probably go tonight too, which would be ideal. Oh wait...nevermind, by the time I get there it will be so late I don't think I am going to want to go work-out. Anywhoo...I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend


Eric, when we go hiking on the 21st, can we forgo the hiking for AFTER the "Bite"? And what time are we leaving on the 20th for the Rainforest?

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