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Events in Portland

I wrote journal entries while I was in these conferences..

July 12, 2002: Friday - 11:00AM
Well, I am going to be in this conference for another 2 hours (snooze) I am soooo bored. I am just listening to dribble... :p At least I am sitting at a table with fun/interesting people. Thus far, I have written down 52 companies I will be applying to work at full-time when I graduate next year. I am really excited. I hope I get more than one job offer though!

July 12, 2002: Friday - 4:30PM
More boredom... :( I am currently in a Business Simulation. blegh...I can't wait until this is over. I have gotten two not very good lectures today...lol... The first one was because I asked what time the bar closed last night (roll eyes) Good grief...I had dinner there and ONE martini! The second lecture was for talking a lot in the first session, which I feel bad about now. :( C'est la vie...I better go, I am gonna go work-out! :)

July 13, 2002: Saturday - 9:15AM
The last conference yesterday lasted until 5, so I did not get to check my e-mail. :( Oh well...however, last night was a blast...me, Pha, Nancy, and Faith (some girls I met at the conference) went to this place called "Banana Joe's" it was really fun! I have never been to a dance club/bar place, well I have but it was a country place so all the guys are really laid back and nice. Well...this place was so different. The guys were super aggressive. I am also starting to discover that I am a bit of lightweight at drinking. My girls were teasing me that guys must love taking me out because I am so cheap! I had my first "sex on the beach" and my first "blue hawaiian". The "sex on the beach" was good, but the "blue hawaiian" was so nasty! It tasted like candy. So anyway...they made me dance so I went out there and started dancing and...this guy...LOL...it was so funny I have never met anyone so aggressive before! He takes my hand and kisses it, puts it across his neck, grabs me by the waist and starts rubbing his crotch on my leg...he had a HUGE hard-on!!! He was SO wasted. He asked me where I was from, I told him "Seattle" and asked him where he was from he said, "San Jose" I said, "What are you doing here?" and he said, "I don't know...you?" ROFLMAO...then I pushed him towards Faith. LOL...whew...men...

July 13, 2002: Saturday - 2:30PM
God...I am so bored and so irritated. :(

July 13, 2002: Saturday - 4:30PM
Maybe this isn't fair but the book "Who moved my cheese" is SO stupid! I mean honestly, anyone who has thought about life and what to do with it shouldn't be surprised about the contents. However...

Things I am most grateful for:
* The friends I have made...especially my most patient ones who put up with me on my bad days...
* The men who have been in my life...I wouldn't be who I am today in terms of appreciating myself if it weren't for them
* My family...
* Myself

What I love most in my life:
* Kalen is the first person who comes to mind
(I will have to expand on this some other time)

My most secret desire is:
(I will post this elsewhere where only my friends can see it)

I'm afraid of:
* Sometimes I am afraid of life and the uncertainties. However, I try not to let my fear stop me from what I know I must accomplish

Ending quote...
Hold tightly to the things you love

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