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Feeling loquacious...

Ok...not really since it's so freaking late :p Anywho...today was sort of fun and work...finally we didn't feel the need to do everything! We got together around 11:30...tiny37 let us borrow his stud finder ;) We dropped my car off at Speedy's to get an oil change and while we were waiting for that we went out to lunch at Choe's (a Korean restaurant) it was great!

David had: Okdol Bi Bim Bap (Rice with stir fried vegetables and meat with spicey sauce)
I had: Rice with Kimchee Jigae (Kimchee soup)
and we both had Kimchee pahjan (Kimchee pancake)

hehe...my mom is going to love him :) And it was great :) Davey got to try some new things :) What else...then we got my car...we stopped by the library in Brookline and I donated some books, which was great, I am using it as a tax deduction :D and then we went to Cambridge and I donated some sheets and purses hehe...I have another box of books I am going to donate to the library as well sometime this week.

We went to Home Depot, picked up another support thing for the bar in my closet along with a board for the top so I can put things on top, which I will do later today...and we put my elliptical machine together! Yeaaaaaa so I can start working out later today as well! :) We did laundry and I taught him how to play dominoes, which he totally got the hang of pretty quickly. It's fun especially with double 9's.

We then ordered pizza, cheesy bread, and cinna stix...can you believe we ate it all? I don't know where the appetite came from I usually don't eat so much! As we ate we watched The Last Samurai, some Family Guy and then I finally dropped him off. To be honest I was pacing myself with taking him home...hehe...it's so hard to find parking around here! It was funny..we left around 3:30 and there were about 6 spots available including the one I left...I get back around 4:05 and there is only one spot left...the one I had! Why? Because the car behind me had parked so close and the car in front of me had parked so close to me that no one could probably get in! I bumped the car behind me a few times just to freaking get out! However, it was much easier to get in the space then it was to get out of it!

hehe...I am really excited...I have so much to do today...*yawn* I should get some sleep :D

*sigh* I miss my Davey... :(

Gute Nacht!

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