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People who use other people...

Why is that? Do people just get off on using people? I know so many people who only talk to other people when it comes to their advantage. For instance...there is this girl who I thought I was friends with...but then for no reason whatsoever stops talking to me. Then she only talks to me when she wants something like...borrowing my code or something. (shake head) I don't like it. That is why I do not have very many friends...and that is why I do not talk to very many people. I hate being taken advantaged of...so I make sure that it doesn't happen often, if at all if I can help it. Why do people have to use people? Does it make them feel better about themself? Does it make them feel as though they justify things in their life?

I don't understand people sometimes...I am nice, or at least I try to be as nice as humanly possible to those I do not particularly care for. However...I am beginning to wonder, do I not use others? I always try not to...but could it be that my need to constantly be helping others be qualified as a form of "use"?

Sometimes...I am not very proud of myself because I take people on almost like experiments. Not in a way where I ignore them when the "experiment" is done, however, I find it fascinating seeing other people's reactions and changes in their life when certain aspects of their life change.

Funny thing...I usually tend to be the person who helps people meet others, yet am unable to maintain a friendship with those I just assisted on getting adjusted...if that makes sense...

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