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Nov. 21st, 2004

Pooooohhhh I miss my HD people... :( I am so sad I won't see them next week! They left on Saturday...however on Friday we all had a blast! We went to Chili's at Copley to say good-bye to Lucinda :( They let her go that was so sad...I love her! She is so awesome at her job. What else...then we went bowling! That was tons of fun! I did pretty well...we split up into teams. I bowled a 127, 110, 153 :D Tobias was so cute! He was like, "I've never bowled before" Apparently they don't have that in Kronberg, however, he said that Candlepin was in Germany so he wasn't too bad at 10-pin. What else?

This weekend me and my baby (drchase) went bowling at Lanes & Games. We played 3 games of candlepin and I played one of 10-pin :) It was fun! Then today I met with my brunch club, 5 people showed up...woohooo! Afterwards 4 of us went and saw Bridget Jones Diary: The Edge of Reason it was very, very cute! A definite recommendation! It wasn't overly predictable either which was nice. Then I went back to Davey's house and he isn't feeling well :( *blows kisses* Poor baby...What else? The girls want to go bowling and go see shows! :) So my little Brunch/Dinner club is working out better than I thought it would! yeaaa !!!

Anyway, it is time for me to go night, night I am so exhausted...hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend...

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