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What kind of a girl am I?

So here I am...Natalie...so what kind of a girl am I? More specifically, what kind of men do I like and how do I treat the men I date? Well... :) I think I can be a very nice person (and I stress the "can" because sometimes I am not nice at all), very sweet, generous to a fault, intelligent, interesting, sexually driven. I like to think I am fun sexually and non-sexually. I also like to think that I have an ability to cheer people up when they are at their low...there is more I am sure but those are the descriptives that currently come to mind.

As for the kind of men I like...intelligence is very important to me. Though a man may not look gorgeous or sexy in the traditional sense if I start talking to him and he captivates my attention he starts looking pretty damn good to me! ;) That may sound silly...but that is honestly how I feel. One who enjoys the outdoors and is adventurous not only in the bedroom but also in life. I prefer not to extend too much...

Now, let's get to the matter at heart...how do I treat the men I date? I do my best to treat them with utmost care, love, affection, and respect. I figure if I am able to do that it will be returned. Sadly, that is usually not the case...however I try my best not to let that get me down. Some examples of where I do things to show my affection or my care...

1. There was a point when me and this guy were dating...we had gone to Snoqualmie Falls then afterwards had gone to a café close by. They make home-made candy there and he loves lemondrops. So one day about a month or so after the trip to Snoqualmie I drove to Snoqualmie (it is about 50 miles from me), picked him up a bag of lemon drops, drove over to his work (another additional 40 miles) and surprised him.

2. I bake cookies and write love letters or purchase cards of support or encouragement and drop them off at my current beau's truck. Haven't done that in awhile...but there is a reason for that which I prefer not to delve into.

3. I like to once a month buy or give little surprises just so the person I am dating knows I care (which is bad sometimes, I end up giving up more time or money than I can really afford)

And of course I try to be the best person that I can for that person...there are times of course when I will make mistakes, but who doesn't? Hmm...enough about me...tell me about you... ;)


Jul. 17th, 2002 08:43 am (UTC)
yup...the other part that sucks is whenever I go shopping I will see something for him and I will be impulsed to buy it...lol...lack of self control or something...

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