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Well, well long time no freaking post :) Let’s see…lots of exciting and fun things going on in my life :) I got accepted into The Partnership Associates Program hehe…so Gillette paid $5,000 for my application and hey, I was accepted what can I say? I am so fabulous ;)

For further description check out the cut: Commencing in January of 1997, the Boston Associates Program leverages The Partnership's past success with the Boston Fellows Program and the organization's ongoing initiatives of contribution, growth, inclusiveness and professional support for Boston area businesses, the African American community and other people of color. Concentrating on the needs of early-stage professionals and managers who would benefit from tailored activities, forums and workshops, the Boston Associates Program has a significant focus on skills and professional development.

The program focuses on professional development in its broadest context - developing the whole person. In addition to the formal programming, an informal mentoring process is facilitated through a series of structured interactions with members of The Partnership's Alumni Association.
The 12-month program features monthly events around topics that include:
  • Leadership Development: The internal and external origins and perceptions of performance and leadership.
  • Working Boston: The unique, and sometimes, challenging aspects of living and working in the Boston area.
  • Relationship Building:The creation, maintenance and significance of work relationships.
  • Effective Communication: The various dynamics of communication for learning, persuading and positioning.
    Associates are encouraged to take full advantage of the monthly forums as each builds upon the experiences of the rest. To accommodate the scheduling constraints of program participants, we customarily schedule sessions during the evening to minimize the impact on each participant's workday.
    Participants in the Boston Associates Program are nominated by their participating companies, and represent a broad range of professionals who have demonstrated outstanding potential for career growth and contribution within their organizations.
    Check out this list of Corporate Partners of the Partnership Anyhow…in more news…I am moving onto my final rotation. I have to say that I am very sad and will miss the people in my team immensely. I met with my manager today for our last one on one…I am going to miss her! She is such an awesome manager *sniff* Oh well…I am hoping my up-coming rotation will be a wonderful experience. I get to lead my own project, well I lead my own project in my last rotation but I did not have to deal with funding, but in this one I get to manage my own budget as well as contract negotiation with the vendors! So that should be very exciting :)
    In other good news, the program will be starting the graduation process earlier this year! Last year here was the flow:
    1. March 15 -> Request for résumé, cover letter, accomplishments, et cetera
    2. Mid April-Mid May -> Interview with IT OpComm members to see if there is a position available
    3. Mid June -> Find out if you have a job

    Isn’t that crap? Well I told the VP in HR for IT that I wasn’t sticking around that long and not to be surprised if I left the program early. I don’t think it’s because of me, but I am sure I contributed to this complaint… :) They are going to start the whole graduation process early! So hopefully everything is getting pushed up a couple of months. So, the design for our “Marketing packet” (résumé and such) will be taken in end of Jan early Feb! :) So I will know sooner than later yeaaaaa

    Ooooh in other good news…tax season :) hehe…Oh the deductibles…let me count the ways…
    1. HUD for when I purchased the house
    2. HUD for when I refinanced
    3. Deductions from the interest on my house from when I purchased
    4. Deductions from the interest on my house from when I refinanced
    5. School loan interest (I should have about 4 of these)
    6. Goodwill donation
    7. Library donation
    8. Then last but not least as I am sure I am forgetting something, for my state tax the time when I lived in a condo in the beginning of last year :)

    I am hoping to get a good sum of money back :) Of course, some of that will go to my bills, and some will go to my savings, and the rest will go when I take my trip to Europe this year!!! :) Anyone want to show me around??? Lol…hmm…in terms of good news in my life I am pretty sure that is all…of course my boyfriend and I are still doing wonderfully he is absolutely fabulous and I love him more with each passing day. @--)---


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Jan. 16th, 2005 08:11 pm (UTC)
your icon looks like rachal stevens :)
Jan. 18th, 2005 02:18 am (UTC)
lol...I don't know who that is. That icon is of an RPG called Final Fantasy X-2
Jan. 19th, 2005 06:54 pm (UTC)
Rap with me dood
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