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So I came home yesterday with 2 messages, each from a different company who wanted to recruit me. I just had about a 30 minute unplanned interview with this one company, unfortunately, they couldn't afford me. :(

Ugh, I have to say I am very exhausted, mentally and emotionally. What started out as 2 job interviews turned into 5.

  1. At 9:30-10:00 this is the one where they couldn't afford me
  2. 10:00 - 11:00 I have a face-to-face interview with this company next Tuesday for a few hours...I think this is the final step! Wish me luck! I asked what the pay was and they said $50K-85K depending on level of experience. I am going to ask them, how close can you get me to $75K? This way it will be closer to $70K which is how much I'd really like! I explained to the recruiting person that I am making well above $50K. This job sounds pretty awesome because I will be working on some pretty cool stuff! About 25-50% travel :D
  3. 12:00 - 12:45 I had another interview with a headhunter...UGH God...he liked me though. He said that he would highly recommend me to the company so I should hear back within 7-10 business days *shrug*
  4. 1:00 - 1:45 I had another interview, this one was my second one with this company...I think they will call me back for a 3rd
  5. 4:00 - 4:30 I had another one...this one was interesting, it was a very nice understanding head hunter person :)
  6. On top of this, I forgot to call another headhunter back ugh...I just left her a message

Take my poll...so I found out my severance package would be 40 weeks of pay...yeah, that's right...almost $50K :( What do I do?
Poll #429953 Job or Severance?

Should I take a job now or wait for my severance package from Gillette?

Take the job now!
Wait until April to apply to jobs again so you can have a job by June AND take the Severance package
Take the job now, but accept nothing below $70K

Want to give advice or comments? Leave it here ;)

My biggest issue is...if I turn down a job now and wait...until June, I won't be as fortunate as I am now! I mean...I've been looking for only 9 days and I've already had so many companies contact me! June is a different matter...kids will be graduating from college...maybe more people will be let go from Gillette...ugh...*sigh* I am so confused...


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Feb. 3rd, 2005 01:23 am (UTC)
Employment craps shoot
Don't risk competition with a younger, cheaper version of yourself in a few months. If you are getting offers now, negotiate your salary and benefits and plan your transition. You don't have enough experience yet to compete with someone much older than yourself (mid-thirties), but recent graduates could pose a problem. You are definitely worth $75K+ and can probably get it if you spend February negotiating various job offers. Secure your next job now before the Boston employment pool is innundated with ex-Gillette workers.
Feb. 3rd, 2005 06:16 am (UTC)
omg, honey you SO rocked the AMC recap!!! You did REALLY great, thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb. 3rd, 2005 03:14 pm (UTC)
Re: OT
haha...thanks :) You don't think it was too long?
Feb. 4th, 2005 12:19 am (UTC)
Re: OT
naw - every recapper has their own style - you do as you're comfortable with!!!

Heck, I know one site where they run to 4 pages - talk about TMI!!
Feb. 3rd, 2005 02:59 pm (UTC)
Can't tell you exactly what to do but...
I took this chance once and took a 9 month severance package in one lump sum and vested stocks. Decided to take some time off, lived at the beach with my dog in an old bus for a couple months and it was the best time I ever had in my life. This experience made me wealthy in soul and that matters more to me then paper currency.

Took me about 2 months of serious job searching to get back in. Just budget wisely, how long can you live on $50k? ;)
Feb. 3rd, 2005 03:14 pm (UTC)
haha...my fear is not being able to get a job that will pay me @ 70-75K afterwards...I kind of figure if I get offered a job that will pay me that much I will make up the money that I lost for severance within 5 months. I would love to go on vacation somewhere...but I figured I would do that while I am in transition to my new job. :) I need to give my two weeks, but I will just take my vacation time since I am not going to get paid for it :)
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