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Quick job update

;) So I have interviewed with 9 different companies so far...I am holding out for 5 particular companies...hehe...we will see how that goes.

Ohh...I got my Tungsten E a couple of days ago...I FREAKING LOVE IT! hahaa...me and my friend Steven are such nerds...we were going to go out to dinner yesterday but his girlfriend called and was making dinner ;) So I told him to go back home! I told him we have to get together, me him, Davey, and Megan and he said definitely. So we whip out our pda's...we both have the Tungsten E...and started looking at our calendars...LOL...I told him this weekend is obviously not good...the following weekend me and Davey are going out with my friend Jeremy and his girlfriend, then I have my Brunch and Dinner club thing the week after that... I told him that March looks better...and we looked at each other and just started laughing...ugh ;) Who'da thought? I had nothing going for me here for the longest time! So we set tentative dinner plans for March 12th with all 4 of us at 6 just so you know drchase!!! What else? Oh yes...Brighid and TJ...we have to set a dinner party up with them sometime next month sweetheart ;)

AND to top it all of...theamandapanda when are we getting together? Should we do a dinner/movie deal? :) As you can see March works best! Umm...not the 25-27 I will be with some girlfriends in NY hehe...we are gonna go see Mamma Mia!!! Wheeee Ooohhh and I decided that Davey and I should start playing tourist, Duck Tour, Trolley Tour here we come!!! We went to the New England Aquarium last weekend it was awesome! :) Time to quit being lazy bums...hiking this summer...Ooohh and me and Shannon are looking to go snow shoeing and skiing, yeaaaa Ooooh and Davey and I have to go look at tubing at Nashoba ;) hehe...oooh...maybe theamandapanda and scoot can come with! :) That would be so much fun! Anyway...ok...I really do need to go work-out...


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Feb. 11th, 2005 03:58 am (UTC)
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