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Couch Surfing

haha...this is kind of cool:


A nice cheap way to travel! Hmm...this might be kinda fun to do if I go to Europe!!! Hehe...forget the expensive fancy hotels! I'll just crash on someone's couch...a different couch every night! Think of all the cool people I could meet!!! :D

So Davey and I celebrated our Valentine's day :) It was tons of fun! I made all the food, so hopefully I will have pictures up soon! :) I am going to see if Davey will post them today so I can show them! Also...we exchanged gifts...ugh...he got me the nicest things!!! haha...when we got this house he took off my glasses, covered my eyes with his hands and guided me into the kitchen...he took his hands off my eyes and there on the kitchen were the most beautiful dozen pink roses! They started blooming on Saturday...hehe they are soooo pretty! On Saturday we had our dinner, the garlic potatoes, bruschetta, and stuffed mushrooms were fabulous! The chicken could have used more seasoning I think, and I put nutmeg in the cake...yeah...ok...I thought it would taste good, but it didn't really...the cake wasn't bad, but it would have been better off without the nutmeg :/ Oh well...Oh the champagne punch was very, very good! :) We also had this pretty good dessert wine later with the cake. We of course exchanged gifts...I got him Prince of Persia, Warrior Within...he was supposed to stay within the budget of $50 but he didn't! He bought me a freaking iPod mini! The pink one!! *sniff* And to top it all off he got it engraved! It says:

I love you, always.

hehe...Tell me I don't have the bestest boyfriend!!! :D

Anyhow...I am so freaking exhausted...time for me to windo down and get ready for bed.


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Feb. 14th, 2005 04:44 pm (UTC)
My new fav web site! Thanks
Feb. 14th, 2005 09:07 pm (UTC)
hehe not a problem, isn't that cool? hehe...
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