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The moment you've all been waiting for

So today was absolutely insane...it was just one of those days where I wasn't going to make it on time anywhere. I did a conference call from home from 8:00-8:30...hopped into the shower around 8:40ish caught the T around 9:20ish got to work around 10:10...I have a job interview at 10:30. Don't worry, I actually e-mailed ahead of time to let them know I would be 15 minutes late...however, just as I was about to leave my boss calls me. What am I supposed to say? "Sorry, I have to go catch the T to Government Center for my job interview, I really don't have time for this?" Not likely. So I talked to him...for 10 freaking minutes At this point it is 10:38, there's no way in hell I am going to make it. Part of me just doesn't care, because it wasn't a company I was interested in, but it would have been nice to have had the interview practice.

I sent off a note explaining my situation and apologized, I also called, but no response, oh well. I think the company is definitely not interested in me *shrug*. As it stands right now, I am awaiting 2 companies to get back to me, 1 who claims to be very interested and the other...who knows. I had another interview today around 1:30, made it to that one 5 minutes late (see what I mean? It was one of those days...) Now, at this point I'm pretty irritated and hungry as I haven't eaten all day, but honestly who has the freaking time? So interviewed for about 1.5 hours, I am about 90% positive I will receive a follow-up interview. Mmm...what else? Drove back home, took the T back into work, got there around 4:00ish to pretend I had been there all day. One of my old boss' told me that I have to at least show my face at work...see, I've been working from home the past few days because I just didn't feel like going in. I know that sounds bad, but I can honestly say I hate my job. This is the most boringiest shit I have ever done in my life :( Anyhow...I go in, call the boss from my work phone and chat a bit about some stuff regarding the vendor, hang up, send out some e-mails regarding IMACs and the like and leave around 5:23...I am feeling pretty rushed at this point because I am supposed to be at the West End Boys and Girls Club for a Volunteer orientation at 6:00...*sigh* I got there around 6:10, so it wasn't too bad, but still...She was late anyway so it didn't really matter. I am interested as volunteering as either a reading buddy, a tutor, or a computer helper ;) So I am definitely looking forward to that!

What else...mmmm...so I didn't get out of the orientation until almost 7:00...I was hoping the thing would have been over around 6:30 so I could have gone to my 7:15 aerobics class...alas it was not meant to be :(

Funny thing happened...I set up some time to get my hair trimmed 3 months back for this Saturday...and a few days ago I was invited to the Carnivale at the Ritz, a black tie affair which is also this Saturday...lol...talk about good timing for my hair appointment. I figured that meant I was fated to attend the function so I accepted. drchase and I are going to go shopping tomorrow to find me a cocktail dress and some costume jewelry ;) Maybe my sweetheart would like to come with? hehe...anyhow...I am thinking of applying to becoming a board member for this non-profit...thought it sounded like fun and a great way for me to get involved. Other than that not too much going on...I am expecting to get my new laptop by Friday :D I also have another interview on Friday, well not "another" with the same company, this is a completely different company and I really would like an opportunity at this job! :) Wish me luck!!! hehe...this month is going to be pretty nuts...ugh...and I have to think of some places for a dinner and brunch event for my women's club. :/ It will have to be soon, so I suppose I should really get ready for that! As for my upcoming weekends...I have to say I am very glad that I have this PDA now...it has become an absolutely invaluable tool for me. This Sunday is pretty open, the 12th drchase and I are supposed to have Korean food with Steven and Meg, the 13th is pretty open...the 19th David and I are going to a St. Patrick's Day party at a friends...20th is open...then the 25th-27th I will be in New York with some friends seeing Mama Mia! :D YEAAAA ugh...

However...I have pretty much set up my work-out curriculm...Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday = Aerobics. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday = Weight Training...*sigh* I am thinking of throwing in some Karate in there...maybe in the summer. I am also thinking of taking Spanish in the summer :)

I just purchased this awesome package that is offered through my company where I get corporate discounts! :D I think on April 15-April 19 David and I should go to Disney World :D hehe...I had so much fun there by myself, but I think I would have more fun if David and I went together! :D Hmmm...that sounds great! Also, as long as we use it in a year I have a package for 2 for 3 days, 2 nights at Daytona Beach and anyplace I want for 2 Airline and accomodations included to either Jamaica, Cancun, or Las Vegas! :) I am thinking Cancun myself...nice and relaxing on the beach!!

Ahh...and I am also thinking of moving :D I am going to see what I can sell my place for and sell it and get the hell out of here. I am thinking Marlborough, Gloucester, Weston, somewhere like that...nice and rural...I am so tired of the city...

Ok...let's cut to the chase...pictures! Not that you guys care about the first picture, but those are my Soap Opera stars!!! :D

Doesn't this movie background look real?? I thought it was when I first saw it from a distance, but as I walked closer I saw it was a sham ;)

I took this picture while I was taking a tour of Universal Studios and the movie sets

MGM Studios of course :)

There's the plane that they used in Pearl Harbor, at least I think that's what they said...I mean...I took these pictures in November...

Does this car look familiar to anyone?

We are approaching a movie set for a movie that is coming out this year...I can't remember the name of it though...

Here's a better picture of the set...they didn't take us in unfortunately...

Ahh...now I remember this part! It was cool...they were showing us how they do fire and rain in the movies!

More movie props...

More fake background...

And...for you Star Wars fans!

And tomorrow...I will take you all through Downtown Disney! :) That was fun! I met the nicest people there...


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Mar. 4th, 2005 10:25 pm (UTC)
I liked all the pictures you've posted. :-) Something different to see. Anyway, I joined your community. :-)
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