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So...I know I've been a bit MIA...I could use excuses that I've just been busy...and I suppose some of that might be true. There has been a lot going on through my head...money, location, job...what do I really want to do with my life? Sounds dramatic perhaps...but it's been a lot for me to think about lately.

Let's see...I have been terribly busy...I just got a job offer last week from Liberty Mutual...LOL...they offered me $46K...umm yeah...that is about $14K less than what I am making now so that is not going to happen. I asked if we could negotiate, they asked me my range (which we talked about in my job interview...) and I told them again and I am awaiting their response. I am also awaiting a response from the Car Dealership place ;) I got a phone call from HR last Friday who said that so far feedback has been very positive and that he will know more on Monday. :D In one of my interviews this guy kept saying "You are so bright" and I was thinking to myself, "yeah, I'm a freaking genius" hahaha...thought of saying that but that would most likely be poor interviewing skills...lol...However, I believe if I get an offer from this group I can get at least 70K if not 75K :D So that makes me happy. The job of course sounds very interesting and challenging so I am all for it!

drchase and I spent this Saturday cleaning up my place and getting it ready for the open house. Remember those pictures I kept promising of my place? Well you will get them as soon as the Mortgage Broker posts it on their web-site ;) You will also get the opportunity to get a Virtual tour haha...I had to move a shit load of my stuff to storage. *sigh* I so need a bigger place. We also went and looked at rings on Saturday :D :D :D I love looking at jewelry. It looks like 1.50 might be the size I am going for! Woohooo!!! On Sunday...we totally forgot about D.S.T....*sigh* So we got a very late start on looking at places today. However, I am thinking, Salem, Beverly, Billerica, or Marblehead. We have to see...we are going to start off early next Sunday and go to some more Open Houses. Today was my place's first open house...oh...I am excited :) My place has been set for $195K :) So that's great, I should at least make about $20K if it sells for that then I can use that as a down payment on my new place yeaaaaa...

Recent Travels
Let's see...a couple of weeks ago, me and a bunch of girls went to NYC from Friday to Sunday. (I've got the best boyfriend in the world) We saw "Mama Mia" on Broadway and it wasn't too bad...for more info the story was sort of week...don't get me wrong it was fun and all but the ending was week...you never did find out who Sophie's father is...so that kind of sucked. Also the girl who played Sophie had a rather disappointing voice...it was so soft...not strong like one would expect for musicals just in case...there is some reference to the story line and if you haven't seen it and want to be surprised :) We also went on the double decker tours and that was fun as well...unfortunately it was a bit cool...I do enjoy NYC though. We stayed at the Sheraton Manhattan which was real convenient, I also LOVE the freaking Subway system there! :) Mmmm...what else has happened...

I had to come home early from NYC though because David and I were supposed to be working on painting the ceiling and I had asked David to work on taking the other boxes we had packed to storage on Saturday...he freaking painted the whole ceiling himself! Ugh...I am so freaking lucky...I love him... :) I was so terribly stressed out when I got home from NYC...and he was so freaking sweet to do that for me!

So I have added swimming into my work-out routine:
  • 3 laps of free-style for warm-up
  • 2 laps of free-style kicks
  • 2 laps of backstroke kicks
  • 2 laps of breaststroke kicks
  • 2 laps of free-style
  • 2 laps of backstroke
  • 2 laps of breaststroke
  • 5 laps of freestyle

;) I try to do this everyday, then on Monday, Wednesday, Friday legs and abs. Tuesday (Aerobics and water aerobics) and Thursday Aerobics (along with swimming) with arms, chest, and back...I am also thinking of adding Water Aerobics on Saturday mornings...along with my usual swimming schedule. I am going to increase my swimming schedule gradually as I start to build my stamina higher. I am very disappointed in myself that my stamina is so low for swimming. I think this will help me though...I wanted to start training for the Boston Marathon next year :D

What else...I am thinking of looking into Boston Crew this year as well...definitely hiking in the summer...ummm...Oh...I am going to see a Dietician. I need an idea on how to improve my eating habits as well...lol...I am excited. She is going to tell me how much carbs I should be eating...I am sure I am eating way more than I should! I should probably do abs everyday though...hmmm...

Other than that...things are going...my life has been pretty full...I just got 2 boxes of business cards from Gillette...lol...anyone want some? I am passing the stuff out like candy right now because I don't know what I am going to do with so much especially if things go as planned...*shrug* I also discovered while I was in NYC...that I lack courage to do what I really want...funny huh? I will have to explain more of that later, it is getting late...and I am very exhausted...


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Apr. 4th, 2005 08:39 pm (UTC)
OMG! Is that Tara Banks I see running the Boston Marathon?
Apr. 4th, 2005 08:49 pm (UTC)
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