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624 days later...

Wow...that is the longest I have ever dated a guy and I haven't been completely sick of him...lol...still love David more than anything...and surprising enough I still miss him when we are not together...go figure...

As of April 18
So my place was under agreement...unfortunately it isn't any longer :( Which is a shame because I was very much looking forward to making an offer on a place...oh well hopefully soon. I made $500 off it ;) My broker thinks it won't be long before another person makes another offer on my place. :)

As of April 27
Yeah...so my broker was right, my place sold almost a week later for the full freaking price!!! :) So I am selling it for $195K Yeaaaaaaaaa

April 18 was an absolutely beautiful day...David went to the MIT flea market and sold some things, 2 of mine :) If he does it again next month I am going to give him my DVD player to sell as well...hehe...Ooooh...maybe my cd's too! As I was driving around and attending open houses today I began to realize something almost funny about myself. Let's be honest...I am the ripe, old age of 23...obviously I am being facetious...my quality of life...how I want to improve it...what do I really want. More on this later...

As for where the hell I'm going to live after May 31st, which is the closing date for my places, and P&S is going to be this Friday so I have a good feeling that this will actually go through. So I am going to make an offer on a place in Billerica on the 6th after I have signed the papers.

As for job prospects...the Car Dealership job didn't pan through :( I was very sad about that one...apparently when they first opened up the job they asked a particular person internally if they wanted it, they said no, then a couple of weeks ago he said yes...*sigh* So there goes that job...they called me and apologized and what not...it was a very sad day for me. However, the same day I had job interview with a Healthy Company. So...I interviewed with them, it seemed to go well...small company, but opportunity for advancement and international travel which is cool. But...I might not go for it...because on Tuesday of last week someone in HR pulled me aside and told me that there is a certain VP in my company who would like me to work in his organization. She said that I would get a raise and it would give me an opportunity to continue looking for a job and hopefully find something that I will really enjoy doing and to get the FULL severance package if I choose to stay that long. I weighed my options...I think I will stay, get my severance, unless I find something that I will really enjoy doing and it will be worth leaving the company for. I also found out some other great news...I only have to be with the company for 2 years for my 401K to be vested! :D So I figure since I will most likely be staying I will up my contributions to 12% :D YEA! I will pull in tons of $$$. Uh...what else...so I figure I will 100% get a position because one of my favorite people and mentors asked me if I would want to work in her area :) hehe...this is going to be great! I guess things aren't looking so bad. I was seriously stressed about everything for the longest time...now I am just kind of relaxing. Anyone want to take bets when the first lay-off will happen?

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