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Looks at entry from a week ago...

Umm...yeah...so far trying to be more in contact isn't working out so well...haha...I haven't even posted for the longest time...

Just to catch up here...I recently celebrated my 24th birthay...yeah! I'm so old...I was seriously going through a mid-life crisis! No really...I started reflecting on my failures and successes and thinking up ways to improve my situation, to be a better and more well-rounded person. Therefore...saving money is a bigger issue to me now, exercising and taking better care of myself is huge, and my academics is soon to take priority as well. I have started looking over Spanish books, I have decided that will be my first language as that is one of the easier ones to learn.

My time here at Gillette is almost done, my last day is Tuesday. The great part? I haven't really done a damn thing all week, as a matter of fact I will be leaving soon to go home :) Secondly, next week Monday and Tuesday will be spent in a PMP Prep Exam class. I took my Six Sigma Green Belt exams and my test results are as follows:


:D Yup...so the tests are complete...I have to write a Final report which I will be writing today and tonight and be mailing it off to the appropriate people. After that, when they approve my report I will be a certified Green Belt! :D I also plan to take my PMP exam in September or October of this year. Soon my name will be Natalie...last name here, PMP :D YEA!!! How exciting is this?

What else? Oh...yeah...so my closing is supposed to be May 31st...well the douche bags backed out...*sniff* I have to say it is most upsetting...I hate Brighton so much...I can't wait to move. So...basically I am stuck here a bit longer *sigh* however, let's hope that it goes just as quickly as it has in the past. I am very tired of this whole thing really...other than this...my life has been pretty busy...with much going on.

As for my birthday, drchase and I spent it over the weekend before my birthday...we went mini-golfing, we went ring shopping...he took me out to dinner :) His mom took me out to dinner on Sunday and they made me a cake :) Yeaa...cake...the fabulous news iswe found my ring! :D What else...oh yes presents...

Johnny: Mini iPod thingy...oh whatever...it's below:

This present is most excellent since I will be driving to work :) Yeaa!

David: We are gonna go see Wayne Brady! Yeaaa!...OMFG tonight...shit...ok...gotta go...wait...real quick...also got Seinfeld Season 4 :D

Mom & Dad: $400...what else ;)

My other mom drchase's: Out to dinner and a $50 to B&N YEA!!! I LOVE B&N

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