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Day 2 of being "Unemployed"

I still feel you baby and my world keeps going round, I remember...how you touched me...how you turned my heart around. Come and get my love, take me in your arms, lift me up above. Come and get my love you are all I need all I'm dreaming of.

So...not too much has happened...David slept over last night :) We had so much fun talking! Well...at least I had so much fun talking...he really is my best friend. I can tell him anything and he just listens...haha...maybe he was sleeping ;)

Seriously though...I think I have too much time on my hands because I've been thinking too much...sometimes my brain really pisses me off...it's like the damn Duracell bunny...it keeps going and going...*sigh* ronalum called me the "Lady of Leisure" well it doesn't fit me too well...I AM BORED OUT OF MY DAMN MIND!!! At least at work I could sametime people ;) So...I've been thinking about certain people...people who had an impact on my life, people who may have been my boyfriend or not. I wonder how they are doing...I spoke with ronalum yesterday and asked him if he thought it was normal. I am beginning to think I am nuts...I mean...some of these people haven't been a part of my live in many years. Quite a few of the people I used to wish ill will towards...now, I hope they are happy. Can you believe that? lol...one particular person I wished he would suffer, fail a particular test, and be poor and never get a job. (I know...I am such a sweetheart) I just hated him so much...now I just hope he has found everything he has wanted. Of course, all the people I am thinking of are male, as I have such few female friends.

And don't get me wrong...I have no interest in being friends with any of these people, though at one point I cared about them so deeply they will always have a piece of my heart...I just wish them well. I know this sounds crazy right? I never think..."What could have been" it is more...I hope they have found as much joy and happiness as I have. lol...perhaps it is a symptom of being in love? I thought perhaps it is because so few people have ever been close to me...that I actually treasure those that were no matter what horrible or heinous events may have transpired between us. I mean seriously...My acquaintence with people rarely exceed 2 years...if it does it is a shocker. To be honest...when I first moved to Boston, I was completely ready to make this the only place I will live for the rest of my life...but now? I hate it here. The quality of life sucks, the kind of things I want I will never be able to obtain here unless I am pulling in at least close to 200K. So I am very much ready to leave...I want to go to a place where the cost of living is less and the people are a little bit friendlier. In short...I want to start over again. Not everything obviously...David has to come with me. ;) But I'm ready...to leave.

Aside from being nostalgic I am in a serious learning mode right now...so Spanish, Calculus, and PMP here I come! :) I decided to take my PMP exam sooner versus later. I wanted to take it later so I could take the newest test, but I saw the new book and it is almost twice the size of the current one...so yeah, I am going to be lazy and only study the old one. Then 5 years later when I have to take the test again I will...by then I am sure they will have a new book out. The current book is about 5 years old. Anyhow...I have to get ready to go bowling with some people from my old work :)

Oh...and as for my ring...I changed my mind again :( We are going to talk with the jewelers about designing one...

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