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The Joy of Seattle...

Stolen from drchase

The week or so in Seattle was a blast!!! Here's a rundown:

  • Left Boston at 20:45 EST
  • Arrived in Seattle at 23:30 PST´
  • Waited for freaking ever for the damn luggage...
  • My brother picked us up in his Lexus RX330, from there we went to my brother's house
  • My baby Cookie (see image below) was awake to greet of us of course...I LOVE HIM

  • I "worked" for most of the day
  • We took the my sister-in-law's BMW Z4 to Target...I embarrassingly forgot to pack panties and socks...
  • Played DragonQuest VIII
  • We had dinner with my family (mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law) at Stanley & Seafort's. I had this Chicken Dijon dish that truly did not need the dijon...

  • Dropped off my brother and his wife at the airport. They are on a 10-day Southern caribbean cruise. That means the ~4000 sq.ft. house was all to ourselves. And the dog, too. And the big TV. And the huge comfy beds. And the fridge. And the fitness room. And the three full bathrooms. Etc...yeah...there is more... ;)
  • Had Denny's for breakfast
  • Drove around Seattle University, my alma mater, as well as U-Dub, a very large school with a huge CS building with Paul Allen's name on it.
  • Went to Uwajimaya, which I have to say, is cooler than Super 88. Uwajimaya I went to Shilla (a Korean restaurant) and got Bim Bim Bap...then we walked over and grabbed some Bubble Tea...I had the traditional milk tea while David had grape
  • Went to Pike Place Market. We walked alllll over
  • Had Papa Murphy's for dinner. They make the pizza up for you, wrap it, and you take it home to cook it yourself. Very delicious pizza, no wonder they won so many awards. ALMOST as good as Santarpio's. ;) We grabbed the Gourmet Chicken...mmmm it was soooooo yummy...I miss Papa Murphy's
  • Played DragonQuest VIII

  • Played DragonQuest VIII
  • Met up with caballero for lunch at Cedar's in Seattle. Very good Indian food, and butter chicken, and the chai was awesome...mmmm...butter chicken...mmmm...bottomless chai...
  • Went to caballero, hung out, played some weird game where drchase wouldn't let me lick sugar out of his belly button... ;) went out to walk around Green Lake, then made a pasta dinner and cake for dinner at caballero.

  • I "worked"
  • We went to dinner with my mom at a Korean restaurant in Tacoma. Really good food!
  • Played DragonQuest VIII

  • I "worked"
  • We took my brother's car into to get the rock chip that got there on Sunday fixed
  • We had dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory
  • Played DragonQuest VIII

  • Visited the Nintendo of America headquarters in Redmond
  • Drove through the Microsoft campus in Redmond.
  • Had lunch with ronalum at PF Chang's :D
  • Visited my family in West Seattle, her 삼촌 (uncle) and 이모 (aunt)
  • Had Bubble Tea at WOW!
  • Saw the Starbucks World Headquarters. Incidentally, there was a Starbucks right across the street from it.
  • Visited my cousin Kim, had Pho for dinner
  • Played DragonQuest VIII

  • Had lunch with my dad at Ruby Tuesday
  • Had dinner with my friend drbrain at a Mexican restaurant
  • Visited my friend Megan and saw the new house she just had built. Very nice house. I am so proud of her!!!
  • Played DragonQuest VIII

  • Dropped off my dad at the airport
  • Ate at Red Robin
  • Packed
  • Cleaned the house
  • Left to come to Boston

Additional Notes
  • Every morning we went through a Starbucks drive-through. Yes, drive-through Starbucks...where David would get a grande mild black (when I ordered it that way I usually got the question, "Would you like cream or sugar..."*roll eyes* umm...hello...black...) and I got a grande Caramel Apple Cider
  • We went through Bigfoot Java a couple of times. It's a shack on the side of the road that sells coffee, espresso, smoothies, and other very tasty drinks (latte's and the like). It's drive-through only and usually has one or two baristas on duty at any given time. 24-7.
  • We were almost at 60 hours in DragonQuest VIII. We mainly played when we were tied down to the house, i.e. had to walk the dog, it was very late, or we were working.
  • There seems to be a huge Korean population around Seattle/Tacoma.
  • Houses in Washington tend to be, on average, 400% larger than houses here, for half the price, and with all the modern conveniences.
  • Cookie is a very adorable dog.

Cookie!! Look at that adorable face. :)


On another note...I will post about my Christmas later...


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Dec. 27th, 2005 11:52 pm (UTC)
Mmmm... DragonQuest... video crack
Dec. 28th, 2005 04:18 pm (UTC)
I LOVE that game...I am having some serious withdrawals right now...
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