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Reflection of 2005

Just to take a quick month by month for 2005 of all the major impacts on my life...

I begin to revise my resume so that I can put myself out there for employment. Why you ask...because my IT Development program is almost over...I was concerned that I may not get a job at Gillette. I know certain people love me and would cheer for me to stay, but I did not know if that would be enough so I figure, give myself 6 months to find a new job. Ironically enough, later in the month of January Gillette announces that they will be acquired by P&G and the acquisition will be complete by Fall 2005...

That was enough for me...I got my ass into gear and started looking harder...near the end of the month I transitioned from the Six Sigma group to the Oral-B department. My work began to diminish as many of the projects I was supposed to work on for the Oral-B finance group was getting cancelled due to the upcoming acquisition.

Pretty much same as January...and now I am discussing selling my condo so I can get rid of it!

My place went on the market...and it someone put an offer on it in the first week! Unfortunately...the following week they withdrew the offer because they found out that they would not get the interest rate that they thought they would. This couple was going to use it as an investment property. I have been interviewing like crazy for jobs...leaving Gillette early, coming in late...you name it...in all honesty the project that I was working on barely took up 25% of my time.

Another person makes an offer on my house and the closing date is the end of May...

I was happily recruited by CRF, Inc...I quit my job with Gillette allowing myself a week off before beginning my new Associate Project Manager position! The bastards who were going to buy my house backed out one week before the closing date...I was so freaking pissed...

My house is back on the market...I am getting really annoyed...because I just want to sell it! I went to Finland the first week of June...that was a ton of fun! I also just remembered I also took a speed boat to Estonia!

My house is still on the damn market...at this point I am ready to give up...near the end of July I take it off the market...I also went to Marlowe, UK for 2 days and then I was in London for 2 days after that...my old boss told me that I could come home early if I desired due to the bombings in the tube...I told her no that it's silly and if I die oh well...I was not going to cut my time short because of that.

I rent my place out to the first person who sees it :) She of course is fabulous! So I am very happy...I move out and move into hotels for the next 3 weeks...and my things are in storage. I also found an apartment to move into for September 1st. I also went to California for 3 days or so for business...I also stopped in Seattle for a couple of days and visited my family.

Moved into my new apartment with 2 room-mates...I've never had room-mates in my life...figured it would be interesting. To be honest it was a novelty at first, now it is just down right annoying because I need my freaking space.

David and I went on a cruise to Bermuda for one week! That was soooo much fun! Shortly after returning I went to California for 3 days for business.

This is around the time my job started to get on my last nerve...so near the end of the month my resume got another overhaul and I began to post it in Monster.com and Dice.com. I began seriously interviewing near the end of the month.

Still hating the job...therefore still interviewing...Thanksgiving was fun...too much freaking food...I think I gained half a pound

I wrote a ton in December...of course I received the offer early in the month with Northrop Grumman...filled out all the paperwork...basically took it easy for the rest of the month. Went to Seattle with David for a week or so to visit my family...

The most interesting part of this month...as David and I spoke I began to seriously reflect on the things that I am doing and how I am doing them. For example...I started remembering in high school how I used to do so many things and maintain everything! I was involved with Yearbook, Newspaper, Debate, Choir, Theatre, I baby-sat on weekends at night, and I also had a part-time job at McDonald's...so you are probably thinking that I didn't do much...in fact I did a ton...I was Producer for Theatre, I was just a member of choir, I had a lead position in Debate and yearbook...and my GPA was a 4.0 to top that all off I also volunteered at a Senior center (once a week), Library (once a week), and I also volunteered at ChildHaven (2-3 times a week)...haha...then I thought of how my life changed when I went to college..wow...what a difference...I still volunteered with Children...I was involved with the Children's Literacy program with Middle School, then with Elementary school for the remaining 3 years of college. I had a part-time job at a stock brokerage firm, then a full and part-time job at GE and SAFECO...*sigh* but my grades unfortunately were not as good...2.9...isn't that awful??? I graduated with a B- GPA...how humiliating for me... *shake head* I honestly don't know what happened to me...loss of focus, drive, determination? I am not sure...

I typed out almost all the things I want to with my life (trust me...it's a lot) and am now going to prioritize them and place them into yearly buckets...I decided for the rest of my life I will be working out 3-4 times a week versus sporadically, eating better, and for 2006...the following is my goal:

  • Dedicating myself to learning the German language
  • Taking tap dance class
  • Writing my novel

Honestly...I don't think I can fit any more in...perhaps for Fall and Winter I can add in the sports...for fall it will be hiking and biking, for Winter it will be skiing, snow shoeing, snowboarding, and ice skating :)

Life is truly amazing isn't it? I believe for me to get more out of life that it is time I do some greater reflection...the reason I say that is because life just moves so quickly, I don't know if that is because of my surroundings or actions that I, myself, take that seems to make my life be a blur...but honestly it feels like so much has happened...it is incredible.

In closing...I believe (for me anyway) it will be most beneficial to reflect on either a montly or bi-weekly basis on the goals I wish to achieve for this year...and also reviewing how my current actions are either positively or negatively impacting my life long goals of being healthy.

Anyhow...I didn't realize the time...it is awfully late...good night all!


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Jan. 3rd, 2006 06:43 am (UTC)
I typed out almost all the things I want to with my life (trust me...it's a lot) and am now going to prioritize them and place them into yearly buckets

Hrm, maybe 43 Things would be useful for that?

Including the awesome calendar?
Jan. 4th, 2006 12:32 am (UTC)
Did your ever meet a girl at Childhaven, who was a counselor, by the name of Humphries? I forget her first name, but I worked with her mother, Norma. She got married left Childhaven. Perhaps it was before or after your time.
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