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Hot Ho

So it's been awhile...I haven't updated partially due to laziness and partially due to being very busy...

Here is quick re-cap:

I have been traveling a great deal, in March I went to Philadelphia for about a week and Las Vegas near the end of the month for about a week. All in all, I still love my job and I have to say it is so good to be back in corporate! I have missed it!

The office has moved to Andover, MA :-p so my commute is a bit longer; however, all in all not too horrible.

I have my PMP (Performance Management Process) and oh my God it has so much on it! Ugh...I feel so terribly behind as about 10% of it is done and the year is already 25% over!
I had to fill out this form to obtain secret security clearance...OMG I finally finished filling out that crazy form! It took me sooooooo long!!!!

As for my Greek classes, I am still going and I am learning tons! As a matter of fact, try this out:

Καλησπέρα (kali spe’ra) = Good afternoon
τι κάνεις; (ti ‘ ka’nis?) = How are you?

The question marks are English semi-colons! It is interesting. All in all a beautiful language and I am looking forward to continuing my Greek training. Still set to go to Greece in May, I will send postcards (for those who want one) and post pictures! I will be flying out on the 23rd and returning on the 31st of May.

Well...I only have a few...and one of them is dancing of course. I just joined a demo dance team! We demo dances in competitions and in various places such as dance halls, amusement parks, wherever! I am pretty excited, my first demo dance will be July 22 for a cancer benefit. And apparently, summer gets pretty crazy as we go to a ton of amusement parks!

I am happy to say that for once, my budget plan is working! I have paid off two credit cards and am working on paying my last one off! I am so excited! Whilst I am paying them off I am also saving! Amazing huh?

My favorite topic...David is still proving to be an amazing boyfriend...we are really looking forward to moving in together, and of course, me being the anal one I have been searching for apartments already! All in all, things are going very well between us.

Oooh David has also been thinking of great ideas for us to go out more and do things so I am very happy about that...though I keep guessing what those things are (since those were also my plans) and it is making him a little annoyed with me, but all in good fun! We have also had a great deal of serious discussions about our feelings, our responsibilities and...I feel really good about all this now. I have to say I was a bit wary at first, but now I am excited! I can’t wait!

Moving on...
I will be practicing on Monday's for the dance team :) Mmmm...

I said short right? More later...I am at work ;) There is so much to do.

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