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The past 36 hours or so have been absolutely crazy! My car was making a really weird noise on Sunday when I drove home...and I knew that I was really pushing my luck with not taking it in to get it tuned up...it was at 67.5K and I hadn't gone in for a 60K yet...so I decided to tell work I was taking PTO on Monday and took my car in...I had a crap load of stuff done...including replacement of shocks, some wires, and servicing of my transmission...all in all a pretty expensive few days. This weekend Davey-poo and I bought quite a few things for our new apartment...knife block set...cups...et cetera...et cetera...

This weekend we are going to buy a bookcase...go to Ikea to buy some smaller things...and to Kittery...ugh...this is nuts...Hopefully though our place will look almost put together by the 19th...that is when we are having our furniture delivered, so we really need to clear paths by putting things in the proper sections! The computer room will hopefully be almost put together by the 26th...

The other crazy thing aside from my car...oh...and I had to take my glasses in. I just got them 2 weeks ago and one of the lenses already popped out! So I took it in and they fixed it for me! :) It was a busy day...to top it all off the 50" TV we purchased was supposed to arrive on Thursday and David and Dave (my sweetheart's friend) were supposed to take it upstairs and set it up...well it came this morning instead...so David and I had to go to the place and sleep there (we have no bed yet) and wake up early in hopes for it to arrive early enough that we wouldn't be late to work! It came at 7:15ish...I was sooooo excited! I can't wait until we have the TV stand and our sofa and everything is set up! I am feeling really good too about us setting this up by the 19th! I can start cooking there soon!

The sweetest thing...Davey made me lunch!

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