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Hmm...so posting has been kind of hard for me lately...partly because I am so busy at work and the other part is because there is no chair at the desk for the only computer we currently have working at our place and I don't want to stand there and type. So here I am taking a little break from working to make this post :)

The place is kind of coming along...the kitchen, dining area, and living room are definitely completed it is just the 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms that really need to be worked on! I can't believe almost all my crap is there! I am happy to say that I will be donating some of my books to the library and hopefully a great deal of items to Goodwill (tax deduction). :) Hopefully, by the end of September the place will be very put together and spotless!

Work has been...ok...it has been somewhat crazy...yesterday I wasn't feeling well so I stayed home and played about 12-14 hours of Jade Empire...I know...bad...but it is SOOOOOOO addictive...I am hoping that IGN's prediction of Jade Empire 2 coming out by the end of the year is true...I will be so freaking happy!

Since the wedding is so far out I don't really feel as though I am engaged...there is just so much time to plan that I don't really see a point to do so right now...though in October and November David and I will be attending a few Wedding Expos so we can get an idea on pricing. I am going to be bringing that home to Seattle to share with my mom to see how much she would like to contribute to the David and Natalie wedding fund :) Hopefully she will contribute $20K and then we will be all set for the wedding, honeymoon, and downpayment for a house! *cross fingers*

What else...my weekends will be busy the last two weeks of September...I have a dance demo thing over the weekend in CT and then on September 30 my friend Brighid is getting married! I decided to cut her a check...I wonder how much I should make it out for?

Aside from that for once my life is pretty...standard...there hasn't been anything overly crazy...my days have been filled with work, gym, and sleep for the most part...except for Monday's and Tuesday's which are reserved for dancing :)

Tomorrow will prove to be rather eventful...after work I am meeting my personal trainer, then David and I will be taking down trash at my old place in Somerville, then I have to meet my new tenant at 8:30PM at my condo...ugh...so much freaking driving to do on Thursday...Andover to Medford, Medford to Somerville, Somerville to Brighton, Brighton to Salem...ugh...

More later...

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