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Working out...killing time...

Well, it has been awhile...my life has been pretty repetitive and very busy. Work-Work-Sleep...or Work-Work-out-Sleep... :-)

Ok...so you are probably thinking, "What the hell is she talking about 'Work-Work-Sleep'?" Well...I picked up a second job...which will be very short-lived as I honestly can't stand it! No time for me, no time for Davey, no time for Gym... :( I am thinking...end of November...or near the end of November will be my last day. It is soooo not worth it. I thought it would be cool, have some extra money...get massive discounts on books...but it isn't the case. My weekends are being sucked up by it...and my weekends should be getting sucked up by looking at locations to get married! See behind the cut at the places we are going to take a look at...(I know this will be news to David...)

Independence Harbor
Saphire Manor
Emerson Inn By The Sea
Newport Mansions
Plimoth Plantation
Hammond Castle
Arrowhead Acres
Bradley Estate
Casa di Fior
Commander's Mansion
Gamble Mansion
Granite Rose
Glen Magna Farms
Harding Allen Estate
Jimmy's Allenhurst
Lake Pearl Luciano
Lake View Pavilion
Lyman Estate
Tupper Manor
Moseley's on the Charles
Ocean View Inn and Resort
Peabody Essex Museum
Promises to Keep
Searles Castle
Stevens Estate
Commandant's House
The Commons
Endicott Estate
Willowdale Estate
John H Pierce House
Barney Carriage House
Boston State House
Blantyre Castle
Cape Codder Resort & Spa
Jared Coffin House
The Knowlton House
Astor's Beechwood Mansion
Linden Place
The Chanler
The Governor Henry Lippitt House Museum
Tarrytown House Estate
The Vanderbilt
Villa Vosilla
Wainright House

Anyhow...the point is...I want my time back. I have been wicked busy though...since I joined this new work-out program (SOS - Savage Optimum Services) I really need to buckle down. Since my work-out changed on Wednesday I have been soooo much happier...the endorphins are really kicking in!!! Now if only I could go to an aerobics class...I would be super happy! I am doing all kinds of crazy things now...I can almost do a real push-up…haha…

And I am counting all of my carbs, protein, and fat grams. I am on a rotating calorie based plan. It is really, freaking hard! The food is the hardest thing...but food is like 80% of the whole weight loss thing :-p How annoying...but my metabolism is much higher now than it was a few months ago...I am starving almost every 2 hours.

I am getting up really early now to make all my food for the day (you know how I am about left-overs)...and I would have to say that about 95% of my food is coming from the A-list and I am trying to stay with the LGI/NSV fruits and vegetables...

I can't wait to weight myself this Friday! I have been kicking butt this week! I will be changing my work-outs every 4-5 weeks...and my cardio for now is only 4 days a week for 30 min...I should bump that up. My PT said that my biceps and triceps are getting bigger, but I need to pump up the cardio and do a RSE of 8-9 L I hate cardio...Oooh...and every week I change the tempo of my work-out J So that increases difficulty a little bit. Like this week I am doing 5 sets of 10 reps of my work-outs with a tempo of 2-0-2 :-p (Abs I do 3 sets to failure) and next week I will be doing 3 sets of 12 reps with a tempo of 3-1-3...ugh...hey...this is getting long...more to come!

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