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My fabulous trip to Savannah...only me

So I went to Savannah for my cousin's graduation this weekend...my trip there was horrid. Let's start from the beginning. David dropped me off at terminal B, because I thought that my airline was US Airways, but I didn't notice the fine print below that read: Operated by United. So of course I go to the US Airways ticket counter, and they can't get my ticket, so I tell them where I am going and they point me to US Airways Shuttle which is about 500 feet further down. I go down that way, and try again at the e-ticket counter and again, I can't get my ticket. I talk to the woman and she tells me that if I am catching the 6:50pm it is operated by United so I have to go to terminal C. At this point...it is approximately 5:50pm. So I start walking. I get to terminal C by 6:00pm and check in. Then I realize, that I left my book (which I purchased recently), Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, somewhere at one of the US Airways counters. So I am pretty annoyed, because I was really looking forward to reading it on my flight down, so I went to one of the book stores in the airport and re-purchased the book.

So I finally get to Savannah, on time too, at it is approximately 11:30pm I am waiting for my luggage and it doesn't appear. So I go up to the ticket counter and me and my cousin, Brittney, are waiting for someone to come that works for United as well as 2 other gentlemen. Finally, someone shows up around 11:50pm, I give him my drivers license and fill out the necessary information and then I leave. Can you take a wild guess at what happens here? About 20 minutes away from the airport I realize that I left my license at the airport. So we turn around and go back...by the time we get back to the airport it is approximately 12:30am...no one is around. I end up calling a security person and she shows up about 10 minutes later and we look for my license. We find it in the back room STAPLED to a piece of paper. :( Ok...dude...seriously...who the hell does that?????

We finally leave and end up stopping at Walgreens because...I forgot to mention I am also on my period, so we stop so I can purchase the necessary items. We get to the hotel around 1:00am and the guy gives me my keys. So I go up to my room and of course...the key doesn't work. So back to the lobby with me for the guy to fix my keys. I go back to my room and my key works, so I walk in and decide to check my e-mail really quick before I go to bed. I plug in my laptop to the ethernet cable and it says that I am not connected. So I check the cable and find the source and discover that it isn't connected to the wall. So I find the only cable connection available and it is a phone jack. >:( So I pick up the phone to make a call to the lobby...and my phones don't work. I end up going back down to the lobby and informing the guy of what is going on. Anyway...everything gets fixed the next day, including the internet situation.

My luggage did arrive the next day, but...of course...my perfume broke in my bag so everything reaked of it... *sigh* I'm back now...and happy to say that nothing horrid happened and I even got my luggage.

Anyhow...it's getting late and I'm getting tired...good night all.

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