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Well well

So the past few weekends have been somewhat interesting...

A couple of Saturday's ago I went out with some friends to go ice skating...which I have only done one another time when I was 13! Happy to say that I did not fall!

Afterwards we went to Upper Crust in Brookline and had some pizza...well...while we were waiting for the pizza the waiter/waitress calls out, "Ryan"...and Ryan is one of the guys that was there. So he waves his hand and they bring it over. While him and his girlfriend are eating the pizza, she asks, "Is this the one we ordered?" He shrugs..."I can't remember...it is vegetarian though so who cares?" LOL...so anyway...finally our (mine and Erum's) is called about 20 minutes later...and shortly after that..."Ryan" ROFLMAO...he got the wrong pizza...it was so funny...we all look at each other and start laughing.

There is one slice of the "stolen" pizza...he grabs it and demands his girlfriend eats the evidence...haha...shortly after he went to the restroom...he comes back and tells us about the group that got the other pizza...he said that it looked pretty good. He said the guy should be thanking him as the pizza they are eating is $1 more. I start laughing and tell him, "You should go and demand a $1 from him." haha...he also jokingly complained that everyone at the table is Indian and no one should be named Ryan at that table. We all looked at each other and started laughing, his girlfriend looks at him and says, "Umm...you know you are Chinese right?" haha...

Then this past Saturday I was supposed to go ice skating, but that got cancelled and I ended up going out to dinner with David and David. After that I met my friend Erum at the Cheesecake Factory for dessert and conversation. All in all a pretty fun time the past two weekends.

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