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Ugh...I am so freaking sore and exhausted! I went to the gym in the morning as usual, I missed the aerobics class because I spent a bit of my morning putting all my tax papers together as I was meeting my accountant at 2. I got the gym around 9:30 (aerobics started at 9:15) and I didn't want to jump into the aerobics class, so I jogged for 25 minutes, then I did weights for an hour. And let me tell you...I am FREAKING sore... :-( I have to admit that I haven't been very good lately with the weight ligting, I have mainly been doing light cardio. So I am working at getting motivated again, as I stated a few days ago I just have been very motivated to do much of anything lately...I blame it on the weather. :-) It is soooo cold...it makes me just want to curl up in a ball in my bed.

Anyhow so after the gym I came home, ate something for breakfast, did my hair, took a shower, then left as I was running late. I was about 20 minutes late to meet my accountant :-/ Fortunately, I had all of my things in order (at least to the best of my knowledge) and I was out of there by around 3:10. I had time to kill before meeting my friend Erum for dinner...sooooo I decided to catch a movie. I parked in Boston Commons, and took the T to Harvard Square. Saw the 4:30 showing of Breach. It was pretty good! I saw mixed reviews on it as I think people were expecting something more like "Bourne Identity" or something...which it was nothing like. It was much more of a psychological movie than an action packed one. I walked around Harvard Square, went to Au Bon Pain and had hot chocolate, then walked myself over to the Coop...you are probably wondering, "What the hell is she doing" Like I said...killing time, waiting for my friend. She called around 8ish and informed me that she was going to hop in the shower and she would come pick me up. So I hung out at the Coop and read a book that I had brought with me. 9pm rolls around and the Coop is closing :-p Where the hell is she? I call her and tell her that the Coop is closing so I have to find another place to stay warm...I end up going to Tealuxe...again I have to buy something, I can't just loiter, so I end up getting ANOTHER hot chocolate mixed with tea...which was surprisingly yummy. Finallllly she comes at 9:30...we pick up another girl...uh...to protect her I am going to assign her a letter, 'J'...so we pick J up and we meet another one of Erum's friends at the restaurant. We got there at 10:15 and her friend had been waiting since 9:20!!! I felt sooooo bad for her!

So...J isn't the brightest bulb in the tree...she is seeing a married man and a loser...now I don't judge her for the married man...it happens more than you know...I was judging her because of the loser. I was floored by her poor life choices. I will go in to more detail with that later...I have something else on my mind that I want to get out and I want to write about privately to myself. It is something that I have been thinking of. More on last night later though, it was highly amusing.

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