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Good movies for first dates...

Ok ok...so me and my friend...(not going to mention any names but this is so funny) were on our way to the movies...and usually the movie has a neon sign saying what time movies start well we didn't see it on one side of the building, but it was on the other. For those of you who know Seattle, me and my friend were going to Cineplex Odeon, the one right next to the Gameworks and right across from the Cheesecake Factory. So I had to turn onto 8th so we could go around a building and go to the front of the movie theatre. Well the first time around we didn't see the sign, but i guess there was a woman sitting or standing waiting for the bus on 7th and Pike. This was our second time around and my friend goes, "haha...I bet that lady is thinking 'didn't I see that car before?'"...well I looked at the lady that my friend was referring to and I looked at my friend funny. And I said, "umm...look at that lady again and say that again." The lady was holding a bright neon yellow sign that said, "DEAF & BLIND" (shake head)...

Okay...shows how observant my friend is...hahahahhahaa...so two good movies that are definite good for first dates are...(drum roll please) "Lilo & Stitch" and "Mr. Deeds". Oooh we went and saw Mr. Deeds and it was SO funny!! Weeeeeee...it made me happy! Let me know if you see it and tell me what you thought! ;)

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