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My Weekends...

have been...weird...but interesting. I may have to do some back posting...

I found myself in Worcester...not by mistake of course, but I was asked on Tuesday night if I would like to go to this bar/dance place out there...so I had agreed to that. Grant it, by the time Friday came around I was regretting my decision as it is about an hour or so drive and I was a bit tired... However, I did not want to appear flakey so I went...I ended up having a pretty good time...

I ended up sleeping in until almost 12pm... We left around 2 and went to Sam's club in NH and went grocery shopping (I like to buy beef, chicken, and tilapia there)...by the time we came home it was close to 7...we went out for Thai...

I decided to take the rest of Sunday to do girly things :-) I scrubbed my body with sea salt...facial mask... I painted my toenails pink with white flowers ;-) It is really cute! I also went grocery shopping and planned my meals for the week. I thought of french-tipping my nails...but it never lasts too long :-/ Maybe I will do it on Thursday...

All in all...this weekend was uneventful.

My day's themselves have been interesting though. :) Yesterday was pretty funny...every Monday we have a team meeting from 11:00 - 12:00 and usually they only last 30-45 minutes...this one went the WHOLE hour :p Soooooo annoying...I had already drank 6 cups of water that day and had yet to go the bathroom :/ So around 11:30 I really HAD to go! BUT...we were already starting to go around the table to discuss the things that we will be working on this week...so I figured I would stay until it was my turn. By the time it got to me...I was dying...so while I was talking I got up and left...haha...and when I was closing the door behind me everyone had the most bewildered look on their face...so I popped my head back in and said, "Don't worry, I'll be right back! I really have to go..." haha...

After the meeting Tom said, "Geez Natalie...you just never what you are going to get with you sometimes" ;) What can I say? I am definitely one of a kind...you'll never meet anyone like moi!

Aside from that...not toooo much going on :) I am going to the gym for a 5:30 aerobics class, half hour of weights...then off to go dancing! Woohoo!

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