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Selective racism...

So...being the fabulous, wonderful sister/person/woman/...let's just say overall human being that I am...I offered to come down when Jen is closer to delivery and help out or provide emotional support. :-) Since she has no one (my brother doesn't count) I need to be that someone.

Here's the thing...when Jen married my brother her parents disowned her. Why you ask? Simply because my brother isn't white. Now...I find this to be very confusing...because Jen is Korean, and she was adopted by a Vietnamese woman and a white man. Uh...right. So my brother and I are half black and half Korean...so...hmm...what I don't understand is selective racism.

I understand racism...I understand thinking you are better than ALL other races...but to be selective about which race? I don't fully understand that. Perhaps it is color of skin? I'm not sure...but the thing is...if you are going to be a bigot...at least have the common decency and courtesy to exude that intolerance to ALL races and not just some.

Ok...obviously I'm being snarky...overall I think it is stupid to disown someone over something so insignificant. What kind of parental love is that if you can't be happy for your own child...the way I see it...as a parent you love your child...you support them...and in some instances you simply accept their choices or decisions.


Mar. 21st, 2007 06:59 pm (UTC)
Selective racism is no different than racism in general. I know my parents were extremely racist growing up, but it was the only reality they knew how to survive in (be racist against other groups because other groups are racist against you). For the majority of parents out there, there's a line where you go I cannot love my own child if he or she does X, whatever X might be, it's sad and it ain't right but it is what it is.

I know that there's a rift between myself and the older generation of my family for similar reasons, they just do not get what I'm about and more or less we've both given up trying to understand each other, we're more or less strangers / acquaintances more than family now a days. But they're just so suck in their ways that they'll never really understand that the #1 important thing is for me to be happy even if it's completely 100 percent against what they want for me.

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