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Well...this Saturday we cleaned the second bedroom finally...and I found some interesting things that I have written in the past. I would like to start archiving my writings by putting them here...and you lucky ducks...get to see how disturbed I was growing up. ;-) I have found a journal that I started back in 1992 (When I was 11 years old)...I decided I will write an entry a day with the tag Old Writings...

I have also found old stories I have written...this journal is actually my first actual written journal...every other journal entry was all in my head. My own personal, snarky comments will be in [ ]
May 20, 1992
Dear Diary,

I am at school. We are getting a lecture about not having food fights in the cafeteria. We are grounded! On Friday we have to clean up the floor! The menu is pickles, lettuce, baked beans, milk, cookies, and oranges (ew, ew, ew, totally gross)! [Uh...what the hell? where'd I get that lame comment?] That is not fair! I did not do one thing! I did not see even one food fight! Mrs. Nelson (the head aid) said we were ALL involved. We have to pick up the food with our hands! Now we are doing Social studies. We are learning about the early 1900's. President Roosevelt is elected to be president for a second term (he is pres. from 1901-1909). I can't wait till school is out! School is going to be out in 15 min. AS soon as I get home I am going to drink punch and have peanut butter toast, while I am eating I am going to watch Tale Spin. Tale Spin is a really cool cartoon, the main characters are Baloo (a 30 year old fat bear who is a pilot), Kit (his 6th grade navigator), Rebecca (Baloo's boss), and sometimes Molly (Rebecca's little daughter).


Ummm...boring...though...it does get more interesting...I started writing my journal in morse code for awhile...*sigh* Damn...I am going to have to decipher that. Ugh...

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