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That is a great one line explanation of my weekend...well, here goes...this weekend (starting on Thursday night) was the Linedance Showdown...so I took Friday off. However, I woke up around 10AM on Friday to a phone call. My friend asked if I wanted to see a movie, Blades of Glory. We spoke for a bit after agreeing to meet later that night. I lounged around and did absolutely NOTHING all day... :-/ Yeah...not my finest moment...normally I am much more active one days off, especially when I take them off for a specific reason. I did not go to the Showdown at all this weekend.

Friday night saw Blades of Glory...which I highly recommend if you enjoy ridiculous humor. It had some great one liners..."Jimmy...I'm still going to kill you." ;-) And if you see it, you have to stay for the credits :-)

On Saturday, David's friend came over to play video games with him. I made guacamole for the second time...and it was freaking delicious!!! hehe...next time will be even better! I didn't quite follow a recipe, but since I remember from the first time what should go in, I just modified the ingredient amounts to my taste. I went to Provincetown...I had never been there. It was very interesting. As a matter of fact I have some photos...the pictures aren't too good as the camera I was using was totally spazzing out on me for some reason :-( So over half of the pictures that I took are not usable. I am most definitely purchasing my own digital camera.

This one is of a rose I found at the edge of the cliff...it looked lonely...and the minute I saw it about a million possibilities of how it got there flew into my head.

I was a bit bummed as there were some excellent photos that I wanted to capture, but alas, not this time. Perhaps next time. I drove all the way to Provincetown in hopes of being inspired...to clear my head and feel more at peace. Unfortunately...the latter did not really occur. I am sort of in a funk right now. It is odd really, it is really more wavering emotions then constant. I hate that. I much prefer the constant feel of happiness versus the burst of joy followed by a lull of boredom. I guess I just really need something to happen and I just haven't quite figured out what that something is.

Today was very quiet. I again did pretty much nothing, but sat on the couch and watched TV. Later David and I watched Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle...which was pretty amusing. He made dinner and it was very yummy...we watched Blood+ for a bit...

And now...here I am. I am going to work harder this week to fill myself with activities so I feel like I am doing something productive.

I found out that my brother has a gun and is licensed to carry concealed...thought that was interesting...I am thinking of taking a gun safety class this year. I think going to a shooting range every once in awhile will really help my aggression. B-E Aggressive...


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Apr. 2nd, 2007 04:05 am (UTC)
A digression that ignores all the significant emotional content of your post
P-town! I recognize that tower.

I hope you passed by the Seaman's Back, with its "loading in rear" sign.
Apr. 2nd, 2007 04:08 am (UTC)
Re: A digression that ignores all the significant emotional content of your post
Ha...there was no real significant content in my post... :)

I do not recall...I am sure I did. I was seeking something in particular to photograph...and unfortunately, I did not find what I was looking for :-(
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