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Daily Musing

Oh man what a day...I am currently watching "Whose Line Is It Anyway" I love this show!

Work was same-o same-o :-) Nothing overly fabulous happened. Nick and I met for about an hour and a half and we beat Global Support to death :-p

I went to the gym after work and Walked/Jogged for 20 minutes, Biked for 2 miles and did Aerobics for an hour. I was going to swim 100 yards but at the time I was going to go swimming they were doing water aerobics :-/ So I will swim 200 yards tomorrow.

When I came out to my car...I found it dead. *sigh* Ironic...I have had AAA since December 2003 and I have never used it as much as I have in the past 3 months! Apparently...I left my light on :-( So I had to call AAA and they came and jump started my car. Fortunately, it only took them 20 minutes, which is good because I am beat and I just wanted to get home, eat, then take a shower.

Not only that, but this morning I got my HPV vaccine shot this morning, it was nuts. I got to the hospital at 8:30...checked in the nurse came and got me. She left me for 20 minutes... >:-( Then another nurse came in and gave me the shot. It was so weird...I didn't even feel it. The last time I got the first injection I felt the needle go in and I felt an immense amount of pain when they injected the fluid into me. This time...I didn't even feel the needle go in. It was weird. I think she gypped me of a shot! ;-) Then she had me hold a piece of gauze to where I was shot...there was no blood...at least none that we saw. Later tonight when I glanced at the wound she put the band-aid in the wrong spot...lol...

All in all...it was a pretty normal day for me...minus the calling AAA.

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