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Alliance Française

You know...if I end up getting REALLY into French...I think I might join Alliance Française...

Hmm...they have a Boston Chapter (http://www.afboston.org/).

One of the things I hate about learning a language is that I never really get to use it outside of the classroom. When I learned Greek last year, I only spoke it when I was in Greece...and to be honest I don't remember too much of it! All I know is as each day went on in Greece I became more and more comfortable and fluent.

Unfortunately, at this moment in time I can't just pick up and move to Europe...haha...but man would I love to. I sort of wish I could find a job where I could stay in Europe for a bit...

Hmm...honestly, what an adventure that would be!

Ok...I should probably get back to work :-)

But I am seriously considering the joining Alliance Française...they also have the second biggest French library in the US! Which would be great so I could at least read a great deal of French and I am sure I can speak it while I am in the building as well!

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