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Taking a break

Welll...I am taking a quick break from studying for the LSAT...during this break I called my mom.

Twice in one week...that is crazy. I hardly talk to my parents if I can help it. It isn't that I don't love them, but it can be emotionally trying to talk to them. The last conversation I had with my mom a couple of days ago she asked if I was ok.

I guess she could tell there was something wrong by my tone of voice. To not worry her I told her I am just bored with my life. Which is not completely untrue. She started to argue with me saying that I have a great life, what kind of excitement do I need and I am too old for this.

*sigh* This went on for about 20 minutes before we finally got off the phone. She called me again today...I really didn't feel like talking to her. I took a quick shower and figured I should give her a call or she would think I am avoiding her.

I gave her a quick call and told her about my plans of taking the LSAT and going to Law school. She was surprised, but not upset. I told her I may quit my job, she took that well. She told me if I need anything to let her know. She told me that I am not alone and that I should do what makes me happy. :-) I won't be bumming money off of her, though that is what she was implying...lol...I will figure it out.

She told me that my problem is that I am too smart...so once I figure things out I get bored. Which is true. That is exactly why I get bored. All in all...it was a nice conversation, unlike earlier in the week. And in this conversation...she said that I am young lol...and I still have time to make a change.

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