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Sooooo sleepy...

The past week has been a bit crazy. I went to DC last Monday and was there until Tuesday. So I was a bit annoyed, because I was supposed to start French on Monday :-( Fortunately, they held off until Wednesday so I missed nothing :-)

I went to belly dancing on Tuesday, then followed it with line dancing...then I went home. Went to French on Wednesday and had a great time! The class is small, so I really like that. I am having a very difficult time with the 'R's because they are so guttural! However, I can pronounce the 'r's and I can also say words that have 'r's at the end of the word, but if it is in the beginning of the word, or in the middle forget it!

I am also taking my studying for the LSAT very seriously :-) To be honest...I feel really tired...tomorrow is going to be a pretty full day...

Work, Aerobics, Belly Dancing, Line Dancing? Then I need to study for French and LSAT...

I have homework :-D

In regards to the teacher though, I really like her! I decided in terms of colleges I will be applying to: Harvard, Suffolk, and Northeastern...

I decided that I after I receive acceptance from one of those schools I will be retiring from my position :-) I think after I receive my test scores I will start Bartending school and start working weekends or nights to get some experience.

Hehe...if you didn't figure it out, I think bartending will be my part-time job while I am attending college. :-D

Anyway...after this episode of CSI I am SO off to bed! This entry is just all over the place...my mind is so full right now.

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