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Lost Fanatic!

Ok...I know...I am such a geek... :-/  So here's the deal...From the most connections to the least...here is who is connected and how!  The grey boxes represent those who are dead.  And of course, Michael and Walt are gone (for now)...and Rose is sort of MIA...

Before I start...I am sort of confused...how come no one sees the connections or, when they do see it, they don't mention it?  Such as Desmond and Jack CLEAR connection.  Jack recognizes it...and I think Desmond does as well, but neither mentions it.

HurleyCharlieStayed at the same hotel the night before flight 815 took off
 LockeHurley is sort of Locke's boss as he owns the box company Locke is employed at
 WaltWalt finds and keeps a Spanish comic book that originally belonged to Hurley on the island
JinWhen Jin paid that "house call" to the Environmental secretary on behalf of Sun's father, Hurley was on the news in the background from winning the lottery
ArtzHurley paid to get in front of Artz at the airport to catch his flight
LibbyPatients at the same time at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute (as was Emily, Locke's mother)
JackAna LuciaThey share drinks at the airport before boarding the plane
ShannonAdam (her father) and Sarah (Jack's ex-wife) were in the ER after a horrible car accident.  Jack saves Sarah and later marries her and Adam dies
JinJin is behind Jack at the ticket counter before boarding the flight
DesmondThey met at a stadium running the stairs
ClaireHalf brother and sister, though they are not aware of that yet
LockeCharlieJohn owns both of Driveshafts albums
HurleyHurley is John's boss
MichaelJohn passes Michael in the airport and notes Michael's conversations with his mom
RoseRose dropped her purse on the ground at the airport and John picks it up and hands it to her
SayidJohn inspected Nadia's house
SayidDesmondThey both know Inman.  Desmond from pushing the button, and Sayid from being "tortured"
JinThey meet in the bathroom at the airport
KateWhen Kate saw her father "Sam" after killing her real father, Sayid is being talked about on the news that is on in the background
LockeInspected Nadia's house
ShannonShe told the police at the airport that Sayid is a terrorist
DesmondCharlieAfter Penny's father said "No" to Desmond marrying Penny, Desmond sees Charlie on a London street corner performing for spare change
Jack Stadium
LibbyShe gave him a boat after knowing him for less than a day
SayidThey both know Inman
JinHurley"Saw?" Hurley on the news
JackStood behind Jack at the ticket counter before boarding 815
SayidMet at a bathroom in the airport
SunHis wife
CharlieDesmondSees Charlie perform on a London street corner
HurleyStayed at the same hotel before flight 815
LockeOwns Charlie's albums
LibbyDesmondGave him a boat
EkoAsked him if everything was ok when Eko and Charlotte Malkin (the Australian psychic's daughter) were arguing
HurleyWere in same institution
SawyerAna LuciaAlmost hits him in Australia with her car when she was dropping off Christian (Jack's father)
BooneSaw one another at the Australian police station
KateKate convinced Cassidy (Sawyer's daughter's mother) to turn Sawyer in to the police, which of course landed him in prison
ShannonBooneStep siblings
JackHis wife was in an accident with her father
SayidSaid that he was a terrorist
Ana LuciaJackShared a drink with Jack, and unbeknowest to them, which Jack's father
SawyerAlmost ran him over, and of course...later slept with him
BooneSawyerSaw one another at the Australian police station
ShannonStep siblings
ClaireEkoBoth went and saw Richard Malkin's for different reasons
JackHalf siblings
EkoClaireSaw Richard Malkin's
LibbyMet prior to the flight at the airport
KateSayidHe was on TV when she was visiting her "father" Sam
SawyerSent him to jail
MichaelWaltHis son
LockeLocke overheard Michael complaining to his mom about being a father
WaltHurleyHas his comic book
Michael His dad
ArtzHurleyHurley cut in front of him by paying off some guards at the airport
EthanJulietSaid hello to Juliet in the hallway of her sister's Miami apartment.  Also shows up after Juliet's husband died at the morgue
JulietEthanSee above
RoseLockeGave her, her purse when she accidentally dropped it on the floor

Dharma Stations:
The Arrow - Restocking & Staging?
The Staff - The Medical facility
The Swan - Electromagnetic research
The Flame - Communication facility
The Pearl - Observation facility
The Hydra - Zoological research

Interesting facts on the names of the stations:
Names of the Stations

Each of the stations has a name related in some way to the stories of Apollo in Greek Mythology. Apollo was born on the island of Delos which at the time floated freely in the ocean and was difficult to reach because of swirling tides surrounding it.

The Arrow - Apollo's most common attribute was the bow and arrow. He was a god of archery.
The Staff - The Caduceus staff originally belonged to Apollo. Apollo was a god of healing (and of plagues). Apollo traded the staff of Caduceus to Hermes for a lyre.
The Swan - When Leto gave birth to Apollo, the island on which he was born was encircled by a flock of swans. Swans were afterward sacred to Apollo.
The Flame - Apollo was a sun god.
The Hydra - Apollo sent a crow to fetch water. The bird stopped to eat figs and wasted lots of time. Knowing Apollo would be angry, the crow captured the Hydra and attempted to blame it for causing the delay. Apollo saw through the ruse.
The Pearl - Apollo's twin sister was Artemis. She was a moon goddess. The symbol for the pearl resembles a full moon.

Now...I also wanted to sort of catalog some questions that are unanswered.  One of the things that bothers me about this show, is that when there are connections they become "Lost" connections, because the character will pass on or die before the connection is realized by either or both parties.

1. Who were Adam and Eve?  (The bones found in the caves)
2. What was the meaning of the black and white stones found on the body? 
3. On the Blast door (in the Swan) why is one Latin phrase not listed in key, "Aegrescit mendendo" which means "the remedy is worse than the disease"?
4. Why would Radzinsky/Kelvin go to the trouble of creating a map which could only be seen during a lockdown procedure and under ultraviolet light? Why didn't Radzinsky/Kelvin use the ultraviolet light when working on the map?
5. Was the map ever meant to be found, and if so, by whom?
6. Why is one hatch crossed out?
7. Why is there crossed out writing above the Arrow Station?
8. Which side of the map is North?
9. Is the Flame in the correct spot on the map?
10.Why is there a security border up and to the left of the arrow and unknown station?  Is the unknown the flame station?
11.Are the Others connected to the DHARMA Initiative?
12.What large organization is DHARMA (Department of Heuristics and Research Material Applications) a department of?
13.Is the Dharma Initiative responsible for the activity of the monster?
14.If the Others are in control of the radio tower, why have they never removed Rousseau's message?
15.Who is the "they" in "they are dead" in the distress message?
16.Who is the "it" or "he" would "killed them all"?
17.What were the keys mentioned in the message?  She said "Brennan took the keys".
18.If Rousseau speaks English then why is the message only in French?  And if she only spoke French 16 years ago...when and where did she learn to speak English?
19.Where is Christian Shephard's body?
20.Why did Jack see Christian wandering around?
21.What is with Kate's horse?  Is it the same horse?
22.What is the Monster?
23.What are the abilities of the Monster?
24.What is the purpose of the Monster?
25.What is the origin of the Monster?
26.Is there more than one Monster?
27.Why did it kill Mr. Eko?
28.What was the hole the Monster was pulling Locke into and why didn't it kill him?
29.What were the bright flashes of light seen by Juliet and Kate?
30.Why couldn't the Monster pass through the security fence? Why doesn't the Monster go over the fence as Kate, Sayid, Locke, and Rousseau did?
31.Is the Monster really a 'monster'?
32.Is the Monster good or bad?
33.What are the noises the Monster makes and why does the noise seem to change depending on how close or far away it is?
34.Who are the Others?
35.How many total Others are there on the Island?
36.Why are the Others so unwilling to explain themselves openly to the Losties?
37.Where did the Others originate?
38.Did the Others kill Henry Gale?
39.Why don't the Others understand the Monster? What happened when they encountered it before?
40.What is their link to Mittelos Bioscience?
41.Why did Ben downplay the Swan Station and encourage Locke to let the timer run down?
42.Why do they not leave any tracks?
43.Why did they take so many of the Tailies, but hardly any of the main castaways?
44.Is there an organization separate of the Hanso Foundation/DHARMA Initiative that recruits for the Others on the outside?
45.Why was the dispute between the DHARMA Initiative and the Others known as "the purge"? How did it originate?

46.Is Jacob Ben's father?
47.Does Jacob have any significant tie with Adam and Eve?
48.How was Jacob able to cure Rachel's cancer if he indeed did?
49.Where is Jacob?
50.Does he actually exist?
51.Is Jacob actually the Others' name for the Island?
52.If Jacob is alive, why does it say "God loves you as He loved Jacob" in Room 23? Is it just because it is directly refering to the biblical Jacob, or has the real Jacob done something?

53.Why do they want information about the Losties' lives before the crash?
54.Why does he look calm when Oceanic 815 crashes, and the discharge occurs?
55.What is his status in the Others' leadership hierarchy?
56.Where was he going when he was captured by Rousseau, and why?
57.Does he know that Alex is Rousseau's daughter?
58.What bait did Ben fall for?
59.If the island heals people, how did Ben get his tumor and why does he not heal quickly after the operation?
60.Why didn't Jacob heal his cancer?
61.Was Ben's tumor cancerous or benign?
62.How was he actually born on the island as he claims when apparently the Others think babies cannot be born there?
63.Who are his parents, and why were they (or at least his mother) on the Island?
64.Why did he personally come for Locke when he could have sent somebody else? Was he really coming for Locke?
65.Why is he feeling threatened by Locke's presence?

66.Why did her marriage with Edmund Burke break down?
67.What does Juliet's mark mean?
68.How does she feel towards Jack?
69.Does she know more about the Monster than she says?
70.How long has she been lying to Jack? (Did she really make a deal with Ben to leave the Island?)
71.With whom does her true allegiance lie?
72.How did she learn to fight?
73.What is her relationship with Ben?

74.When did he arrive on the Island in relation to the events of the purge?
75.What happened to him while he was in the Soviet Army?
76.Did the glass eye found at the Arrow belong to Mikhail?
77.What happened to his right eye?
78.How did he know he was being watched in "The Cost of Living"?
79.Did he have a past connection with Locke ?
80.How did he survive the fence?
81.Why did he say "thank you" to Locke after he was pushed through the fence?
82.What happened to him after the events of "Par Avion"?
83.Why did he run toward Hurley's signal flare?
84.Where did he run after he fixed Naomi and left?
85.Why isn't he in the Others traveling camp during the events of the Brig? If not with the Others, where is he?

86.Where exactly is he placed in the Others' hierarchy?

87.What is her rank in the Others hierarchy?
88.How exactly does the Others' trial and sentencing system work?
89.Has she lived on the island her whole life like Ben, or was she recruited like Juliet?

90.Why did Juliet lie to Ben about Alex asking about him? Why was that the one thing he wanted to know before his risky surgery?
91.Why is she different than The Others?
92.What is her status as an Other?
93.Why did the Others take her away from Danielle?
94.Why did the Others not change Alex's name when they took her from Danielle?

95.Why was he being kept in a cage? What did he do to become a prisoner?
96.Why would Ben have him killed (as Juliet tells Alex), were Alex to leave with Karl, Sawyer, and Kate?
97.Why did Juliet allow Karl to leave the Hydra Island?
98.What is/was his status in the Others' hierarchy?
99.How did he come to be on the Island? Was he born there (as Ben supposedly was), or was he "taken"/kidnapped from his real parents as Alex was?
100.Who are his parents?
101.Why did he ask about the location of the survivors of Flight 815 as though there was no second island?
102. What was the purpose behind the behavior modification he was undergoing in Room 23? Does it have something to do with the DHARMA Initiative?
103.Where did Karl go after he left Kate and Sawyer?

104.Was he responsible for the accident that killed Juliet's ex-husband?
105.Why is he allowed to leave the island and return to it?
106.Did he help Juliet make her tape to Jack?
107.Was his talk with Locke an attempt to undermine Ben or was he doing it under Ben's orders?

108.What happened to her when she was taken, and why?
109.Did Cindy ever try to get away from the others?
110.Is Cindy now looking after Zack and Emma?
111.If she was seen at Juliet's trial, is she now an Other?
112.If she's become an Other, did she have to take a loyalty test like Locke was given?
Is she brainwashed?

113.What was his rank in the Others' hierarchy?
114.Why would Ben send their surgeon on a potentially dangerous mission?
115.Were Ethan's actions, specifically killing Scott and trying to kill Charlie, approved by Ben or "Him", or had Ethan's obsession with Claire caused him to stray from the Others' rules?
116.What caused the scratches on his face?

117.How was he ranked within the Others' hierarchy?
118.What was his full name?
119.What were the details of his relationship with Juliet?
120.Was he in surgery to observe or because he was needed?
121.What was his purpose for being on the island?

122.Why was he supervisor of the rock quarry? ("The Glass Ballerina"), ("I Do")
123.How did he come to be on the Island?
124.How did he meet Colleen?
125.What was his rank in the Others' hierarchy?

126.Why was she not seen in the Barracks?
127.Why did she ask Mikhail Bakunin to kill her with barely a second thought?
128.Is she really dead? What happened to her body?

129.Who was the father of her unborn child?

130.In the first episode, why was he so far away from the crash when he woke up?
131.Why was Jack (uncharacteristically?) violent with Achara? Why did he need the tattoo so badly?
132.When exactly in his past was he in Thailand?
133.Does Jack still love Kate?
134.What are his feelings towards Juliet?
135.Has Jack been drugged, brainwashed, or otherwise manipulated by the Others?  Is he 'in' on Juliet's plan with Ben to betray the Losties?
136.What is the secret he and Juliet and he are hiding?
137.Has Jack joined the Others?

138.Who sent her money in a letter informing her Diane was dying?
139.In what way is she "flawed"?
140.Did her "encounter" with Sawyer leave her pregnant?
141.How did she get the other key to the safety deposit box?
142.Why was she so willing to trust Cassidy in "Left Behind"? Didn't she consider the possibility that Cassidy may have been an undercover police officer or, perhaps, a journalist?
143.Why did she cry when she spotted Jack with Juliet, and then respond by turning to Sawyer? With whom do her true feelings lie?
144.How did Kate meet Kevin?
145.Why did nobody notice Kate with her handcuffs on Flight 815?

146. What did Gordy do to bail out Sawyer so that Sawyer "owed him one"(Clearly occurred BEFORE Tampa Job)?  What exactly was the Tampa Job?
147.Will Kate and Sawyer's union result in a pregnancy?
148.What was his relationship to Hibbs?
149.Why did he drop out of school in grade 9?
150.He was a conman, not a killer. When and where did he learn to use guns and rifles so well?  Could Sawyer have been in the military at some point? In "The Long Con," he said that he and Kate found Sun "about a klick" into the jungle, and Americans, almost without exception, do not use kilometer as a measure of distance unless they have military experience. Similarly, in "Exposé," he said he was doing a "perimeter sweep," which also sounds suspiciously like something you would pick up in the military.
151.What were the consequences of Kilo not getting his share from the David/Jessica con?
152.Will his character or place in the scheme of things change now he has essentially dealt with the issue from his past that has shaped him?
153.What did he do in France (based on the French INTERPOL report in the Others' file on him)?

154.Was Amira one of his victims, or did he confess in order to give her closure?
155.If she was not, who was her torturer who apparently looks just like Sayid?
156.What is the "Basra incident" referred to by Juliet?
157.How does he know, or why does he believe, that Nadia is dead?
158.Why was he digging a hole in the jungle at the beginning of The Brig?

159.Is he really cursed?
160.Why is his nickname Hurley?

161.How did he escape the Swan if it imploded?
162.Why doesn't Locke want to investigate the Swan station's remains?
163.What made him mute immediately after the Swan implosion?
164.Was Ben really coming to recruit him?  If so, why does Mikhail clearly say that he is not on the list?  Was he on the list before the Hatch implosion when his anger led to its destruction?
165.Why did the Monster not attack him at first, but then try to drag him down a hole later?
166.Why exactly did Locke's back heal instantly but Ben's didn't?
167.What happened when the commune collapsed?
168.How did Locke acquire his knife throwing and tracking skills?
169.Does Locke have the power to heal people even if he doesn't know it?

170.Has Jin ever killed anyone on Mr. Paik's orders?
171.What happened when Jin delivered the watch in Sydney? (We've only seen him in the airport)
172.What's the importance of the watches?
173.What happened to Jin in the military?
174.Can Jin's rank in the Korean army be inferred from the photograph of him in uniform?
175.Is Mr. Kwon Jin's real father? If not, who is?
176.In a flashback in D.O.C. Jin is seen wearing a blue lab coat as he talks on the phone to Sun. There is a logo on his breast pocket which clearly bears the Hanso Foundation ying-yang symbol forming the "o." Could Jin be hiding a key part of his past?

177.Will she be rescued before the delivery of the baby?
178.As her baby was conceived on the island, will she die like women in The Others?
179.Where does her vast knowledge of plants and gardening come from?

180.How did he escape the Swan before it imploded?
181.Will he die as Desmond predicted?

182.Why did she lose her memory of being taken by Ethan? Was it a psychological response to a traumatic experience, a result of Rousseau knocking her out, the drugs Ethan gave her, or a similar form of brainwashing as used on Karl in Room 23?
183.What was so important for her to know about that Christian had to tell her?

Mr. Eko
184.What did he mean when he said "You're next" right before he died?
185.How did he survive the implosion of The Swan?

186.Who talked with Michael through the computer in the Swan?
187.What happened to Michael and Walt after they attempted to depart the Island on the Others' boat?

188.Does Walt have special powers?
189.If he has special powers why did the Others let him leave the Island?
190.Why did Ms. Klugh ask Michael "Has Walt ever been somewhere he wasn't meant to be"?
191.If Walt can appear in multiple places, did the Others really give him to Michael?
192.Why did Walt not want Locke to open the Hatch in the first place?
193.Was Walt telling Locke to not open the "magic box" and not the the Hatch, since Walt only warned Locke to not open "that thing"?
194.Why did Ms. Klugh ask Michael "Is he your biological son?"
195.Did Walt really appear to Shannon or was he simply a vision?
196.Has Walt been subjected to the video in Room 23?

197.Who is his father?
198.Was Boone's death an accident or was it really demanded by the Island?

199.Who was her mother?
200.Who were her other boyfriends (as alluded to by Boone)?
201.Why could she see Walt (or his apparition)?
202.Who was her husband? Why did they separate?

203.Was Ana Lucia ever married?

204.What is her surname?
205.Was she lying about being a psychologist?
206.Why was she in a mental institute, and was the fact that both she and Hurley were there and then on the Island together merely a coincidence?
207.Why was she in Australia and why was she on board of the doomed flight 815?
208.Who was her husband?

209.What happened to Desmond's father that meant he had to leave University before graduation to take care of his brothers?
210.Why does he mainly predict Charlie's death, but not other things?
211.How did his déjà vu experience happen? What effects did him going back have?
212.What exactly happened when he was in the Army?
213.Why was he dishonorably discharged?
214.What happened while Desmond was in prison?
215.How was Desmond "almost a doctor"?

216.What is it about Aaron that caused Richard Malkin to insist that he could not be raised by someone other than Claire?
217.Why was it so urgent that he be baptized, that Charlie had recurring dreams about it?
218.Do The Others still want Aaron?

219.Where does he go and wander off to all day?

220.What other crimes did Nikki and Paulo commit?
221.How did Nikki and Paulo meet each other?
222.What was her life like prior to meeting Paulo?

223.Why did he not tell anyone about the the Pearl, or the conversation he overheard there?
224.What is Paulo's last name?
225.Did he contact the Others via the Walkie he found in the Pearl?

226.Who is her daughter?
227.Is she special -- or as Ben puts it, "important", like Locke, because she is healed too?
228.How did Rose know that the tail section people were alive?

229.What power source does she use to recharge the batteries?
230.Why is her clothing/actions/equipment primarily military in nature if her "routine expedition" was scientific/medical?
231.Has she been wearing the same clothing for 16 years?
232.Where is the ship that she and her expedition came on?
233.Why have the Others left her in isolation if they outgun and outnumber her by far?
234.Where does she live now?
235.How could she know nothing of Flight 815's crash?
236.Her arrival on the island would now seem to pre-date the purge based on her having been on the island longer than Mikhail Bakunin. Why has she said nothing about it or DHARMA?
237.Did the problems with pregnancy exist on the Island when Rousseau arrived in 1988?
238.How much of her history on the island she has told the survivors is what actually happened?
239.Why does she need the dynamite she took from the Black Rock?

Kelvin Inman
240.How did he know Desmond crashed on the beach if he was pushing the button?
241.How was Kelvin actually transported to the Island?
242.Who brought Kelvin to the Island: the Others or Dharma?
243.Why did he lie to Desmond about the Island air being dangerous?
244.Did he kill Radzinsky?
245.He was left for dead on the rocks by Desmond, but did he actually die?
246.Where are his remains?
247.How did he survive the purge?

Anthony Cooper
248.What happened between his auto accident and his arrival on the Island?
249.Why did the Others want Locke to kill him?
250.If Anthony Cooper was one of his aliases, what is his actual name?

Marvin Candle
251.Is he still alive? Is he on the Island? Is he still involved with the DHARMA Initiative?
252.Why is he using multiple aliases?
253.How did he lose his arm?

254.How does she know that Desmond is not dead?
255.Why is it known by either Penelope or the crew of the listening station that the search for Desmond will be related to magnetic disturbances?
256.Are we sure that Penny is looking for Desmond? Or could it be that she is actually looking for something else?
257.Who was Penelope set to marry, or was it just her father lying to Desmond?  When she refers to having not set a date for the wedding, is she actually referring to another man or is she actually talking about Desmond who had failed to propose?

Polar Bears
258.How do the polar bears survive in a totally different environment on the Island?
259.How many polar bears are there on the Island?
260.Why did the DHARMA Initiative conduct experiments on polar bears?
261.How/Why did the bears leave the Hydra Station Island to the "main" island?

262.Why would Ben want to convince Locke that pushing the button was of no importance?
263.Why must a human enter in the Numbers? The computer program could easily sense when 108 minutes have passed and taken action itself.
264.What was happening before the Swan was built?
265.If all one is doing is entering the numbers, why not just have a numeric keypad?
266.What happens if one does not enter the correct numbers?
267.If The Pearl was a Psychological experiment, then why did it's computer record the number's, and their entry?
268.What was the nature of the Sickness?
269.Is the Sickness natural or artificial in origin?
270.How is the Sickness related to the Purge?
271.Are the fertility-problems of the women on the Island caused by the Sickness?
272.What is the origin of the statue?
273.Why does the statue only have four toes?
274.Why is the rest of the statue missing?
275.Is the statue contemporary with the Ruins?
276.Was the statue meant to be of, or represent, anyone?  Could the statue be Him?
277.Where is the statue located relative to the known sites?
278.If DHARMA was shut down,
a) why are they still making resupply drops?
b) who is making the resupply drops?
c) who are the resupply drops intended for?
279.How was the supply drop made if no one heard an aircraft?
280.Now that the communications station at the Flame has been destroyed, will that be the end of the supply drops?
281.Was the supply drop near the losties intended for the losties and was it from DHARMA/the others?
282.What are the Whispers?
283.Why does the Pearl shoot out the written observations into a field of nowhere?

Feel free to answer any questions or add answers!  All information can be found at Lostpedia.


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May. 9th, 2007 08:04 pm (UTC)
Lostpedia is probably your best source to get some of the answers but it looks like your already checking there.

I'm just glad they've got 48 more episodes, there's an actual end date in sight to wrap everything up.
May. 9th, 2007 08:25 pm (UTC)
Well supposedly the answers will be satisfactory, however, I am not sure they are going to answer all of the questions. :-/ There 283 unanswered questions listed and I am sure there are more! Everytime they show an episode about 10-15 more questions appear :-(

The part that bothers me is some of the characters died before they knew of their connections to anyone else that weren't "obvious", for example Shannon and Boone, obvious connection.
May. 10th, 2007 11:57 am (UTC)
I think a lot of your questions will never get answered. I don't think the writers / most people care what really happened to Henry Gale unless it's integral to the central plot line.

I don't think that bothers me though, the connections are there more for the audience's enjoyment rather than character development.
May. 9th, 2007 10:44 pm (UTC)
if you want to go with Apolo for the mythos then you should know that on delos it was forbidden for anyone to be born or die there because no blood was to ever be spilled ( by birth or war ) on the shores of the holy place of apolo's birth

Good theorys though, love that show!
May. 10th, 2007 03:49 am (UTC)
Sexcharts should be done in DOT.

Lost sexchart (png)

Lost sexchart (DOT)

I've corrected the above list. There were too many bidirectional links that didn't make sense (Hurley can't see Jin through a TV), Kate had only interacted with Sawyer through Cassidy, Hurley was Locke's boss through Randy, Locke never touched Rose's purse, Locke had never interacted with Sayid, etc.
May. 10th, 2007 05:33 pm (UTC)
? I never said Hurley saw Jin. I said Jin "Saw?" Hurley. It doesn't have to be direct interaction. It just shows a connection. If you go to www.abc.go.com and look at Lost and the "Connected" section, that is where I got the data from. The point is how they are connected, not necessarily who connects them.
May. 10th, 2007 06:56 pm (UTC)
In these cases, the implied edge can be left out. It just clutters the graph.
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