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I am not crazy...

I did see Jacob...


Additional questions:

284. So who from the "outside" world with Dharma is communicating with Ben's group/fake Dharma on the island? Apparently they don't know all their people are dead, or they still wouldn't be dropping supplies.

285. Doesn't anyone from Dharma HQ check on their progress?

286. Does Locke have siblings we don't know about yet? Cooper said, "I didn't raise no dummies"...

287. Why doesn't Richard look older? Are the original inhabitants of the island ageless?

288. Why was one of the members of the Dharma initiative shot in the head when the method of death was gas?

289. Why doesn't Ben know more about the numbers and Dharma?

290. What was the ash surrounding the house?

291. Why couldn't Ben hear Jacob?

292. What is the significance of the Hound Dog painting in Jacob's cabin?

293. What is the significance of the jars of liquid in Jacob's cabin?

294. Did Alex give the gun to protect Locke from Ben or Jacob?

295. Did Jacob cause the violence in order to stop Locke from telling Ben what he said?

296. Is Ben's gift the ability to speak and see dead people? (he saw and spoke with his mother)

297. When Ben left Jacob's cabin, why did it appear as though nothing had happened, no fire, no destruction...and why was the lantern fixed/brand new?

298. Where there survivors from the Black Rock? We never saw any other part of the ship except for the lower half...so we don't know if there are bones or anything on the top deck.

Questions answered:
45.Why was the dispute between the DHARMA Initiative and the Others known as "the purge"? How did it originate?
It appears to have originated from the Island natives, who wished to either take back a piece of their island, or live in the Dharma provided houses? But the purge is named because all of the members (at least in the housing area) were purged.

46.Is Jacob Ben's father?

49.Where is Jacob?
On the island...in a house...surrounded by...volcanic ash?

50.Does he actually exist?

62.How was he actually born on the island as he claims when apparently the Others think babies cannot be born there?
He was not born on the island...that liar.

63.Who are his parents, and why were they (or at least his mother) on the Island?
Roger and Emily Linus.


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May. 11th, 2007 09:09 am (UTC)
the people on that site bicker way too fucking much and its like people dont even read shit before they post the same damn theory over and over. hell i didnt even notice jacob when i was watching the epesoad, but after seeing the screen caps i really have no fucking clue what to think, Lost is fun like that. you never really know what crap they might go with.
May. 21st, 2007 06:38 pm (UTC)
LOL...I know what you mean. I don't typically join, or talk...but I do occasionally post with questions and I will respond to other's questions.

I reserve my theories to myself for the most part.
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