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It's been awhile...

I just purchased a permanent LJ account :-) Which makes me totally excited as I have wanted one for ages!

I figured, I might as well as I pay for an account all the time anyway *shrug*...

I have thought of posting for weeks...there is so much that has been going on, so much that I want to discuss and share...and yet time fails me. I am slowly coming to accept things and even more slowly I am becoming less despondent.

I have been dancing a ton...I ended up dropping French until October...baseball games make it difficult to find parking. Where do I start? I suppose I shall start from the beginning...I don't think I ever mentioned the fiasco at my friend's wedding...she was married May 12.

She was getting married in Savannah, GA...and the only flight we could get was from Boston to North Carolina then to Savannah, GA. Anywho...the flight out of Boston left so late that we missed our connecting flight in North Carolina. We ended up driving from NC to Savannah, but...my luggage...I checked it in. US Airways said that the luggage would come on the next flight. It didn't...I had to buy clothes for the wedding :-( We missed the wedding...we made it to the reception. I felt like such a tool :-(

She looked amazing though, her dress was absolutely gorgeous. That is the quick and dirty description of what happened...

As for my luggage...it was waiting for me the next day when we flew out *raise eyebrow* It got to Boston just fine...lol...

I flew out to Raleigh, NC a couple of weekends later (May 25-27) for a Line Dance event. It was amazing! However...I have to get back to work...but definitely more on that shortly.

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